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Unified Communications is Here to Stay

Business communication is one of the most significant aspects of an organization. Enterprises require good communication throughout the departments as it leads to effective growth. Business communication can be considered as the back bone of an organization as it keeps all the departments connected and well-coordinated. It is impossible for businesses to track its direction without effective communication.
An effective communication regime can evidently increase the productivity of an enterprise. This also helps in growing the customer base as consumers have more trust in companies that communicate well. Moreover, business partnerships such as vendors and other contemporaries build stronger relationships with companies with great communications.
However, now that there are numerous methods of communication, the process of transmitting information has become more complicated than ever. Given the fact that we are cluttered with options such as e-mails, SMS, video conferencing and telephony, there has been an issue of managing and optimizing these tools. And it seems to be resolved with the help of Unified communications.
Unified Communications (UC) has received a lot of attention in the IT space because of the benefits it provides. This is especially the case because the competition has grown fierce and every company wants to be efficient amid the same. UC integrates all the aspects of communications and enables companies to use them in a simpler fashion. Hence the productivity!
UC enables businesses to grow by helping them smoothly indulge in activities that will increase their overall performance. Collaboration is one such activity in which enterprises come together to fulfill a common purpose and excel together. It becomes simpler for them to operate on various levels when there is a proper system of communicating among both internal and external departments. Additionally this helps the employees learn new methods of doing their job, inspires them to put new ideas on the table, and encourages businesses to grow their network.
UC also helps companies offer better customer services. There is no denying in the fact that real time resolution of customer’s issues makes the enterprise a popular choice among them. This directly improves the goodwill of the company. However, it requires proactive response from the service team and that is only possible when “the message is loud and clear.” Moreover, a hassle free working environment boosts the morale of employees and makes them efficient in their jobs.
Currently, the unified communications industry is leveraging new technologies in order to upgrade its services. As per the trends, it is growing towards a mobile centric experience as the world is rapidly shrinking in a 5-6 inches screen. With the increase in app based platforms and introduction of 5g, interaction and communication tools are only going to become more mobile friendly.
Implementing Artificial Intelligence (smart bots) for assisting customers has recently gained massive popularity among businesses. Instrumenting such technologies help the companies to response faster, understand the issues better, and find solutions in real time.
As we are tapping the era of consumer centric business approach, it is very important for enterprises to survive the competition. And for that it is necessary for them strengthen their core functions including communication. With that in mind, the demand for UC solutions has already grown. And with all the possible outcomes it promises using technology, it will not be over emphasizing to say that unified communication is here to stay.
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Quote: “Excellence is achieved when the message is loud and clear.”

– Shubham Khamparia