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Unified Communications Impacting Business Communications

Phones, faxes, emails, and letters are no more the only means of business communication. The condition is totally different than it was in just a decade ago. With the introduction and the increasing use of mobile technology, cloud services, and 4G LTE cellular networks, which easily supports streaming video, business communication has changed its communication way thoroughly. The revolution in communication has begun, and there is a lot more yet come to come. Here are some Unified Communications trends ruling the industry.
Desk phones replaced by BYOD approach
A big trend setter of business communication nowadays is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach of the companies. The use of smartphones by employees and especially the ease of using them and the flexibility of these devices have initiated the urge of BYOD in the companies. This is the reason business communication has shifted its way towards the new ways of communication.
 Web-based communication tools has entered in the scenario
 The traditional PBX systems and hardware-based video conferencing setups have been replaced by mobile devices and web-based communication services, making business communication a simple and more effective process. The untrustworthiness of BYOD approach has led the acceptance of VoIP and cloud-based email servers while it comes to business communication.
WebRTC becoming ‘Communications Favorite’
Proving to be the combination of all- mobile, web-based, and unified communications trends is WebRTC, which is becoming the business communication favorite. It is an open standard for peer-to-peer unified communications that enables businesses to easily embed rich communications in apps and websites with no need of plug-ins, hardware or proprietary technology. An easy, cost-effective method to deploying unified communications, WebRTC is the most preferred business communication platform nowadays.
‘Internet of Things joining the conversation’
Machines have been adding to the benefits of the business for a long time, but this is the age when truly machines will be ‘the whole and sole’ of the business because of the entrance of the Internet of Things in it. The addition of connected devices to the business communications landscape via the Internet of Things has become the latest business communication trend. IoT is helping companies to transmit real-time business data employees are using throughout a work day and as systems develop, there will not be just a one-way communications with machines, but more interactive business communications that involve these devices.
Though these are the four leading trends of Unified Communications as of now, on the other side they are supposed be the leading trends for several more years.