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Unified Communications along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Priority On The Technology Roadmap

As per the predictions, 1.3 billion workers in the world are mobile workers. This is the reason; many companies are sought after empowering mobile workforce. Employees are using a single connected device for all their needs like email, information management, social media, corporate applications, web and video conferencing, and note taking, for a long time. This is the reason, which is making them use the multiple phones and devices, making the companies have multi-device connectivity to the enterprise systems.
The productivity of an employee can be traced from anywhere, just because of the advancement of Bring your own device (BYOD) strategy. Also, it fetches them freedom of not getting bound by a workplace. The expectations and needs of these workers in the modern scenario of working are increasing the company’s choice of implementing enterprise-wide Unified Communications (UC). UC offers employees the access to real-time communications tools on any device, proving beneficial to the companies by letting employees collaborate anytime and anywhere.
The Time Saving Ability for Real Productivity Gains
According to a research, organizations with UC save an average of 32 minutes per employee per day, just because UC enables staff to reach one another on the first go. The real-time collaboration features offered by UC, like screen sharing, presence, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and video conferencing makes the interaction between colleagues quicker and easier. This ease of communication and collaboration empowers the workforce which allows them to focus on organizations core business goals and avoid communication barriers like the need to return missed calls and manage multiple virtual voicemail boxes and email threads.
No Restriction on Using Devices
UC also helps the user in keeping their personal mobile number private, at the same time allowing them to be in touch with colleagues and customers using virtually any device. Additionally, the business phone calls made from the employees mobile number appear to originate from company’s Hosted Voice number instead of employees own mobile number. These business phone calls also use employees Hosted Voice minutes plan. An employee can have a facility to start a call on their desk phone and transfer it to their mobile or vice versa instantly. MegaPath UC includes desktop, smartphone and tablet clients for all major OS platforms, enabling a full-featured UC experience across devices.
UC Makes the Cloud-Based Deployment Easy
Organizations can constantly and inexpensively scale cloud-based communications services to best fit their need. Organizations using a virtual phone system with UC can easily ramp up new employees and perform self-service provisioning. The availability of buying UC in a subscription payment model, they get only what they need and avoid large up-front (capital) expenditures as well as continuous staffing costs to upgrade and maintain an on-premises system.
UC and Integrated Voice Making Communication Faster
UC offers one easy-to-use interface including all like, office phone systems are often integrated with enhanced collaboration and unified messaging features such as screen sharing, presence, instant messaging, SMS text messaging, and video conferencing.  All these communication and collaboration features of UC helps speed up virtually every aspect of the business cycle like decision-making, customer support issue resolution, lead generation, sales, etc.
UC with integrated telephony allows busy workers more freedom and flexibility in the way they communicate and manage their communications, expanding productivity and collaboration. The features like calling and mobility like, Find Visual Voicemail (voicemail transcribed as email), Me/Follow Me (self-service call routing), Audio Conferencing and Call Recording enhances a mobile and productive work style, at the same time improving interactions with colleagues, partners, and customers.
Need of an Hour
The need of an hour is the Real-time communications and collaboration solutions for a business; let it be of any size. Let an organization have a single location or hundreds of locations with remote employees spread across the globe, they need UC solutions, just because of the benefits like reduced total cost of ownership, reduced travel time, enables better collaboration, and the ability for all employees to connect faster and get more work done.
Thus, let it be company of any size, it is keeping Unified Communications and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a high priority on the Technology Roadmap.