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Understanding Different Types of Aggregate Equipment: A Beginner’s Guide

Aggregates are used in construction projects to lay the foundations for roads, buildings, and more. But how are these materials prepared for such crucial tasks? That’s where aggregate equipment comes into play.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to understanding different types of equipment used in the world of aggregates, each with its unique role.


Crushers are machines designed to reduce rocks into smaller rocks, gravel production, or rock dust. They come in different varieties such as:

  • jaw crushers
  • gyratory crushers
  • cone crushers

Each has its advantages depending on the type of material being crushed. Crushers play a critical role in breaking down raw materials into smaller sizes, which can then be further processed and used in construction projects.


Feeders are the machines that control the flow of material into other heavy equipment. Such as crushers and screeners. They come in different forms, including vibrating feeders, apron feeders, and belt feeders.

The type of feeder used depends on factors. Like the size of the material being fed and the speed required. Also, the type of material being processed.


Screeners are used to separate material according to size. They come in various forms, including vibrating screens, trommel screens, and shaker screens. The size and type of screener needed depend on the size of the material. This is processed with the desired end product.

A smaller mesh screen would be used for separating fine particles from larger ones.


Conveyors are used to transport materials from one point to another in the production process. They come in different types. This includes belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and bucket elevators.

Conveyors are essential for keeping a steady flow of material. Throughout the production process and can be customized to fit specific project needs. Equipment supplied by Stone Equipment Company finds its application in various sectors.

From construction, where it is used for pavement and building material preparation, to the artistic field for sculpting and ornamental work. The company offers advanced technology that ensures precision and efficiency.

This makes it a critical partner for industries dealing with stone processing.


Washers play a pivotal role in the aggregate equipment lineup. It ensures that materials like sand, gravel, and crushed stone are cleaned. This process is crucial for removing unwanted dirt, dust, and other impurities. Things that could compromise the quality of the final product.

There are several types of washers, including coarse material washers and fine material washers. Each is designed for specific washing needs. Coarse material washers are used to clean larger aggregates. It’s an instrument for scrubbing materials to produce cleaner.

Fine material washers, so, are better suited for removing fine particulates from materials. This ensures that even the smallest aggregates meet project specifications. The choice of washer depends on the material prepared.

Explore the Different Types of Aggregate Equipment Today

Aggregate equipment is the backbone of any construction project. It facilitates the preparation and transportation of essential materials. Each type of equipment has a specific purpose. It contributes to creating quality aggregates for construction projects.

As technology continues to advance, these machines will only become more efficient and effective. Producing high-quality aggregates for various industries. Understanding the different types of equipment and their functions is crucial for any construction project.

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