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Sean Buckley | Ultra Tune

Ultra Tune: Making Vehicles more Reliable with Comprehensive Auto Services

In this busy, ever-changing world, everyone expects their daily commute to be an uninterrupted driving experience. For hassle free driving, it is necessary to ensure vehicles are in optimal condition and serviced regularly; as per manufacturer’s recommendations. As a rule of thumb; every car owner should have a complete service every 12 months or 10,000 kilometres – whichever comes first. To keep your vehicle in good condition, it is important to have a detailed maintenance check, to avoid any unpleasant breakdowns while on the road. Taking this into consideration, an Australia based auto service company; Ultra Tune provides both private and fleet motorists with a full range of car services. Established in 1979 with its first centre in Box Hill, Victoria, Ultra Tune has expanded nationally to become the Australian leader in automotive after-sales servicing. The company is 100% Australian owned with more than 270 centers operating throughout Australia. Ultra Tune’s growth is steeped in a tradition of quality and affordable service with a vision towards an evolving everchanging future. The company specialises in the maintenance and servicing of all the popular makes and models of motor vehicles in the Australian market, providing a wide range of servicing options including manufacturer’s handbook servicing, tuning, air-conditioning servicing and general repairs.
In 2013, Ultra Tune launched its highly successful tyre program. Ultra Tune works closely with various leading tyre importers, supplying and fitting quality, affordable tyres to a range of passenger, 4 X 4 and light commercial vehicles. It also offers corporate and government fleet management services, as well as a nationwide Roadside Assistance Program; providing customers with peace of mind, knowing if something goes wrong out on the road, assistance isn’t far away. All Ultra Tune services can be accessed by the company’s free, purpose-built App.
An Agile Support Network Ultra Tune’s corporate head office, located in Melbourne, provides an end to end franchise support network: From site selection to stateof- the-art, quality equipment, the provision of centre signage to Ultra Tune’s corporate standards. The company’s franchise model provides a one stop shop, ensuring its franchisee’s long-term business viability and success. Ultra Tune’s corporate head office provides transparent corporate governance, legal assistance/direction, sales and marketing support, product and service development, training, and centralised accounts processing. Its mantra is to build trust through integrity and transparency based on dependability and un equaled customer service.
Proficient Leader The elite team at Ultra Tune is led by Sean Buckley. He is an Australian entrepreneur with vast experience in many areas of business. Sean is Executive Chairman at Ultra Tune and owner of Ultra Thoroughbreds. He is a skilled entrepreneur with a diverse range of interests including sports, business and new technologies. He went about building Ultra Tune at the expense of his own comfort, taking a mere $100 a week in wages in the early days of Ultra Tune so he could invest back into the business, specifically the franchisees, because these were the people who were driving the model.
Embracing the Change 
The traditional Australian auto service/repair workshop is in an era of rapid change. Ultra Tune is at the forefront of embracing this change, whilst retaining its core fundamental attributes of quality and affordable services. It has the much-needed ability to service and maintain any make of motor vehicle according to the manufacturer’s handbook specifications. The company provides up-to-date technical training and support and all-round business support to its franchise owners.
Coupled with highly qualified, industry-leading technicians, Ultra Tune also brings powerful, national, state, regional and local level fully integrated marketing initiatives and quality suppliers. The company firmly believes it is necessary to be reliable and honest in all business operations and is dedicated to an exceptional quality of service to maintain the standards of the Ultra Tune Service Centres, in terms of professional vehicle maintenance and repairs, customer service and centre presentation.
Personalised Service Offering 
Ultra Tune understands the consumer has choices, as such it is essential for the organisation to strengthen its status and that of its franchisees. The company provides personalised service through direct contact with the customer and offers competitive pricing for repairs and servicing – on average 30-40% cheaper than comparable services from dealerships.
Ultra Tune strategically locates their service centres, manned by professionally trained auto technicians. It supplies quality oils, lubricants, tyres and parts and have a corporate identity for trust, loyalty and brand association.
The “Buddy” System 
Want to know when and where a certain vehicle was last serviced anywhere in the Ultra Tune network and what works were completed? Ultra Tune’s state-of-the-art, purpose built SM4W (Salesmate for Windows) system, offers comprehensive customer service histories, which allows the company to provide unrivalled customer service experiences, support and back-up.
Compelling Marketing Structure 
When it comes to the marketing, Ultra Tune believes, strong and effective advertising will always continue to be an important factor in its success. Franchise owners enjoy the benefit of major media campaigns, direct marketing via a specialised computer database plus the flexibility of being able to choose from a broad range of local advertising, promotional, social media and digital packages.
Ultra Tune maintains a strong conventional marketing presence by spending more than $10,000,000 annually in television, print and event sponsorships. The organisation constantly recognises the need to move with the times. With integrated social media channels as the next frontier in organisational marketing, communication and promotion, Ultra Tune retains a team of dedicated, specialist social media consultants charged with the objective of building, refining and supporting the company’s social media presence and online profile. As an Ultra Tune franchisee, one will be plugged into, and supported through, this ever-evolving digital space.
Large Fleet Partnerships 
Ultra Tune has developed an original and affordable fleet maintenance plan for all types and sizes of fleet vehicles. All marketing support literature is available to each franchisee to assist them in acquiring fleet business. The company provides a national central billing facility for the benefit of many of the major Fleet Management Organizations (FMO’S) such as Custom Fleet, SG Fleet, Lease Plan and many others. Many thousands of FMO related vehicles come to Ultra Tune each year for regular services. The drivers of these vehicles often decide to bring in their own family vehicles to Ultra Tune as well.
24/7 Availability 
In addition, Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance offers a 24/7 call centre based in Adelaide, providing priority around the clock assistance for Ultra Tune customers. The company aims to give its customers a high level of service as well as complimentary 12 months Roadside Assistance Cover. Ultra Tune Roadside Assistance provides peace of mind to its customers and helps retain loyalty to the Ultra Tune brand. Its 12 months complimentary Roadside Assistance adds to the overall value perspective for Ultra Tune services. Giving its customers true value for money, cheaper servicing costs and a national warranty. Competing your services with Ultra Tune means your new car statute warranty stays intact.