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Ubidots: Helping Organizations Connect the Dots

The importance of firsthand experience can never be underestimated. No one understands that better than Agustin Palaez, the Co-founder and CEO of Ubidots.
While working for Airbus Germany, he experienced the same series of challenges that hardware engineers everywhere face when attempting to create internet-enabled projects. The lessons he learned on that venture eventually led to the birth of Ubidots in 2012.
At first, the company specialized in connected hardware and software solutions to remotely monitor, control, and automate processes. Its clients were healthcare businesses at well funded startups and Fortune 1,000 companies in the American Southeast and across Latin America.
Between 2012 and 2014, the organization expanded its support to other industries and worked on projects in utilities, manufacturing, transportation, and retail. The digital transformation team at Ubidots learned the intricacies of IoT and Cloudenabled projects that only come after you have gotten your hands dirty in the field.
Simplifying the IoT Journey 
Ubidots creates cloud IoT software that helps its clients power their cloudbased IoT solutions. Thanks to the frontend and backend elements of the Ubidots platform, system integrators now have a simple software solution at their disposal to launch a cloud support system or a remote monitoring or control solution, which gives end users access to relevant data quickly.
Users can design, deploy, and scale their IoT solutions easily with a pointand- click development and production environment. Integrated tools allow them to create and organize end-users with user management features, parse 3rd party data for additional outside analytics like machine learning, and send alerts to those who need to know, when they need to know it.
These standard IoT application tools are built-in and provide a solid foundation for any standard IoT solution. This gives Ubidots users a place to develop and deploy their connected solutions, backed by a reliable support team and an affordable monthly commitment to keep projects online.
A Comprehensive IoT Application Cloud Platform 
Before bootstrapping his startup, Agustin Palaez used to work for Airbus Germany. In 2014, Agustin and his cofounders fathered the Ubidots platform to reduce waste and empower economization of resources from the bottom-up.
As a trained electrical engineer, Augustin has led the vision and strategy of Ubidots since those early days, from the initial bootstrapping stage to the instrumentation of cloudconnected services to the creation of a market-leading support network.
The force behind Ubidots has always been Agustin and his co-founder, Gustavo. Together, they have led their company to become a leading creator of comprehensive IoT application cloud platforms for system integrators and businesses implementing or retrofitting monitoring and control solutions.
Making Data Valuable, Quickly and Economically 
Creating data is easy but having the means to categorize, store, compute, retrieve, and visualize data is not. To create an environment with these capabilities and data functions for a customer, an integrator must spend a lot of time, effort and resources. The Ubidots approach allows clients to hurdle those obstacles with a single, unified platform.
One of the company’s specialties is the setting-up of clients’ hardware with a cloud connection – they use a system which is simple, fast and allows easy integration of existing data. It also allows them to provision any number of devices into a single end-user’s application and save thousands of hours in development and tens of thousands of dollars in costs.
With the built-in tools provided by Ubidots, System Integrators exchange raw sensor data for insights with statistical, algebraic, and geometric analytics. This adds incredible value and allows a business to extract data about relevant trends from any environment where it may have otherwise been unknown or gone unnoticed. A
Rough Road to a Bright Future 
Ubidots was born as a private engineering services firm in 2012 and, in its first iteration, specialized in connected hardware and software solutions to remotely monitor, control, and automate processes for the healthcare industry.
In 2014, Ubidots made a small pivot and launched the first generation of the Ubidots IoT cloud platform, which is known today as ‘Ubidots for Education’. The platform has gained a reputation from hardware, software, maker, and embedded engineering communities as an affordable, reliable, and usable IoT cloud platform.
This is despite being in a global ecosystem filled with strong competition from established players.
However, the journey has not always been so smooth. One of the most formidable challenges faced by Ubidots thus far has been the maximization of their global reach with minimum latency. With more than 35,000 users sending data all day, every day, the company faces a complex environment for data computation and display.
Scaling this platform to support billions of messages each day was a challenge that has only made them stronger and more reliable for their enterprise customers who utilize cloud computing for remote data collection, monitoring, and control.
The motto “We may not have been the first IoT platform, but we will be the best” echoes in halls of Ubidots’s offices. It is a mantra which drives the culture of excellence at the company.
When it comes to the future, Ubidots looks to further integrate with device manufactures to reduce the effort needed to deploy an IoT solution from device to cloud to dashboard.
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