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Ubertesters: Assuring Quality with Unique QA Management and Testing

Consumer expectations have changed drastically in recent years – there is much less patience, and zero tolerance for products that fail. Customers won’t accept bugs or crashes when they try a product for the first time; it will be abandoned for an alternative that performs better virtually immediately.
Further elevating the need for quality products and services is the ability of customers to interact with organizations in a matter of minutes. A rich, secure, and fully-functional user experience is critical for the survival of any organization.
Development cycles have also become shorter as a result of accelerated time-to-market. Organizations have had to evolve and adopt agile methods and DevOps principles. These new methods have changed the way QA and testing are used, and made them virtually unrecognizable from just a decade ago.
One company that offers a complete QA management and testing solution for quality assurance of digital products is Ubertesters. Ubertesters helps companies conduct comprehensive beta tests to ensure they launch bug-free digital products that meet their clients’ demands.
The company was founded in 2013 by Ran Rachlin (CEO) and Alexey Chalimov (CTO). It is a global entity that offers a complete manual testing solution for clients which range from large enterprises to small startups. Its headquarters is in the USA, and it maintains R&D centers in Israel and the Ukraine.
Assuring Digital Product Quality
Ubertesters is a QA management tool that helps companies to thoroughly test their digital products in the pre-production phase. This ensures that they launch those products only when they are certain to perform as intended. The tool uses different types of beta teams such as in-house QA staff, VIP users, beta testers, and remote employees.
The company’s end-to-end platform manages the entire beta testing process, and also the in-house team administration. It facilitates over-the-air build distribution, a full bug reporting tool from within the app itself that allows for edited screenshots, full video recording of the last 2 minutes before a reported bug/crash, test case support, and full team management that tracks activity to identify who downloaded what, what was tested and how well, etc.
There is also device and build management, session tracking that monitors what each tester did in a session, a bug tracking system, as well as third-party (Jira, Mantis, HPQC) integration.
Ubertesters offers on-demand professional expert testers with mobile devices/PCs to test any digital work in real life conditions. This allows its clients to scale their QA efforts and reduce overhead costs. In-house assistance allows organizations to enhance and accelerate their workability.
Ubertesters also provides outsourcing to offshore QA engineers, and clients have the option to hire these individuals for full-time positions. This work model means that QA resources report directly to the client, and execute QA assignments requested by them. The provision of such engineers can reduce costs by up to 50%.
Clients from across the USA and western Europe have adopted Ubertesters’ range of services. They are united in their praise of the company for its excellent real-time support.
Rising from the Initial Hurdles
Ran Rachlin (CEO) makes the distinction that Ubertesters offers a complete testing solution while its competitors offer either a range of testers (such as Applause and TestBirds), or a set of some of the available tools (TestFlight, HockeyApp, Crashlytics).
The Ubertesters platform offers much more than just a crash reporter. It is a full QA management platform that offers build distribution, controlled build management, crash reports, a bug-reporting tool with edited screenshots and video recording from within the app, test case support, an integrated bug tracking system, team & device management tools, and much more.
With Ubertesters, the entire testing process can be managed using one dashboard and one provider while competitors offer a solution only for some of the steps along the way.
However, the journey has not always been very easy. Offering a SaaS product together with a testing service, and attempting to acquire clients without having a recognizable brand were significant hurdles when Ubertesters was a young company.
Ran and Alexey proudly note that, today, Ubertesters has hundreds of clients across the world and over 35,000 experienced and certified international QA exerts. It has developed the ability to ensure its clients have access to any type of device in any location, and make sure their products work well prior to launch.
Experienced Leadership
Ran Rachlin, CEO of Ubertesters, has extensive global experience managing new initiatives and is a significant figure in large global organizations in several countries.
Before joining Ubertesters, he was the CEO of General Engineers (the Israeli distributor of GE), the EVP of Mul-T-Lock and the CEO of Mul-T-Lock Inc. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Silicom Inc. (NASDAQ: SILC).
Ran holds an MBA degree with honors and a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance. He is committed to strong, responsible leadership at Ubertesters to guide the company to its most productive journey of growth.
A Future Filled with Success
Ubertesters aims to continue investing in product engineering to add more useful features to its QA beta testing management tool based on customer feedback. It emphasizes on adopting future technologies including “Live” SDK for crashes and Analytics in production mode, automatic testing support, and QA schools partnership.
Ubertesters has established itself as the most flexible and cost effective QA management provider. It envisions catalyzing its clients’ growth by testing their products faster, over a wider range of factors and standards, and more rigorously than any other company.

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