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UAW President Files Unfair Labor Charges Against GM and Stellantis

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has lodged complaints of unfair labor practices against General Motors (GM) and Stellantis, filing charges with the National Labor Relations Board. UAW President Shawn Fain announced these actions on Thursday, alleging that the automakers have not been engaging in good-faith negotiations or responding to the union’s demands in a timely manner.

UAW did not file a similar complaint against Ford Motor as they cited that Ford had responded to their demands with a counterproposal, which Fain criticized heavily. Fain declared that GM and Stellantis’ failure to bargain genuinely is not only counterproductive but also illegal.

Stellantis expressed shock at the allegations, stating that they had not yet received the NLRB complaint. The company refuted the claims, deeming them baseless and expressing their commitment to ongoing negotiations. GM’s statement echoed a similar sentiment, asserting that the charges had no merit and that they had been negotiating in good faith.

Fain also criticized Ford’s recent proposal, labeling it as “concessionary.” He pointed out concerns about wage increases, one-time bonuses, and the utilization of lower-paid temporary workers without the same benefits. In response, Ford released a detailed statement comparing its proposal with previous negotiations. Ford CEO Jim Farley emphasized the importance of the offer in maintaining the company’s competitiveness, investments in new products, and future success while sharing the benefits with employees.

The UAW’s demands encompass a range of issues, including wage increases, pension restoration, cost-of-living adjustments, reduced work hours, and improved retiree benefits. As the negotiations continue, the actions of the automakers and the UAW will significantly impact the future of labor relations within the industry.