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Types of Temporary Buildings for Businesses in 2021

The popularity of temporary buildings is growing at a tremendous speed. Initially, people thought that these are fragile structures designed only to suit short-term needs. However, modern technology has yielded to innovative structures that can last for up to six years. What’s more is that they suit different industries and businesses perfectly, especially when designed, fabricated, and installed by professionals.
If you are in any business and looking forward to using temporary buildings for your structures, then you need to know the different types available. Fortunately, this article will help you understand what options you have.

Garages and Auto Shops

Most auto shops are now turning to temporary buildings for their businesses. Large garages accommodate and protect dozens of vehicles during repair while saving costs for the company. They can be partitioned easily into booths for specialized auto repairs such as painting.
Reputable temporary space solution providers can help you come up with the design and size of the auto garages depending on the space available at your site. They can also suggest the other features you need to improve your garage.

Warehouses and Large Stores

Large storage facilities for logistic companies can use temporary buildings to meet their need cost-effectively. Apart from being affordable, temporary structures are quick to install, thus saving your time.
The service providers may offer other solutions for the businesses such as offices, loading canopies, and others. These temporary structures are made of steel frames and watertight PVC fabric.


Just like warehouses and stores, these are large temporary structures made of different materials such as steel and PVC. However, technology has brought many other materials into the picture.
Showrooms have clear walls made of glass or left open for clear views of the products displayed in them. They also need to be lockable to control access. If you are using these temporary buildings for a short time, you could opt to lease instead of buying.

ClearSpan Production Structures

These structures are more advanced than most temporary buildings to protect machines and goods stored in them. They are highly preferred for production and manufacturing because they allow insulation and the addition of extra features such as steel cladding.
Smart-Space has the best clear span buildings in the UK that meet building standards. Whether you want custom-made options or leased structures, they will offer the best solutions to you. These tall structures can span up to 60 meters (almost 200 feet) wide to accommodate all your machines.

Temporary Educational Facilities

Have you thought about temporary buildings being used in schools? Temporary classrooms, offices, and dormitories are some of the most common temporary structures used in schools, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some temporary educational facilities are made of modular panels while others are customized and fabricated using steel and canvas. According to experts, schools can also have other facilities such as sports halls.

Sports Facilities

Do you need large sports halls and shades? Temporary structures provide areas that accommodate many players and spectators. However, they are not suitable for large sports such as soccer and track but sports that need a smaller space such as basketball, volleyball, and table tennis, among others. These structures are also made of steel frames and PVC fabric covers or steel sheets.

Green Houses and Farmhouses

Dedicated farmers who operate large retail greenhouse structures always go for temporary buildings to meet their needs. These farming structures are also made of steel or iron frames and special walls and roofs designed to regulate temperature. Other farm structures made of temporary materials include stores, production structures, and offices.

Final Word

Although these are not the only types of temporary buildings, they are the most common. They have many benefits to businesses that incorporate them, including saving on cost and time. If you plan to use any one of them, consider buying or leasing from a reputable seller.

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