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Two Tall Totems: Reflects the Spirit of Vancouver and the Values of its Community

With the mission to build software that can impact a billion lives, Two Tall Totems (TTT) is transforming the way people interact with businesses through the power of technology. Established in 2010, by developing mostly iOS and Android applications for local businesses, the organization gained impressive momentum solely through referrals and word of mouth through their cutting-edge services. Their more prominent clients include FortisBC, The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada, Teekay Shipping, Sengled, and Harbour Air.
Tailored Solutions that are benefitting Client Businesses
Two Tall Totems is well-known for crafting advanced customized solutions which they build with their vast experience across multiple sectors. The organization has many developers and designers who are extremely passionate about their work and have expertise in many advanced technologies including AI, AR/VR, IoT, and cloud computing. Many of their clients have experienced tremendous success through their services.
Some of the successes are listed here:
Sengled Snap App: After Two Tall Totems redesigned their app, Sengled experienced a 50% reduction in returned product for their Snap security camera line.
Mortgage Boss: After revamping the MortgageBOSS platform, Two Tall Totems transformed their legacy systems and significantly increased performance by up to 10 times.
Accomplishments and Feedback that Reflect the Service Quality of Two Tall Totems

  • Listed among top ten App Developers in Canada according to for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017
  • At the Technology Impact Awards in 2017, Two Tall Totems was nominated for the Emerging Company of the Year and Community Engagement award category
  • Witnessed 200 percent growth since 2015, and have established strategic partnerships this year with TELUS and Wavefront

What their Clients Have to Say about Them
“It was a great pleasure working with TTT. Our projects were very complex with various stakeholders and were built on top of existing codebase but TTT still delivered all of our design and development tasks on-time and with very high quality. We have worked with TTT on a wide range of projects including both apps and websites. We will definitely choose TTT for our future projects!” – Tao Su, Sengled
“Working with TTT has been an absolute pleasure since day one. They are a highly motivated group of professionals that put their heart into everything they do. It’s very rare to find a team that is so sync with one another and that directly translates to how they can so easily (at least it appears that way) create premium products. I’m so happy we chose to work with this team!”
– Daniel Blumer, Revols
Architects of Two Tall Totems
Two Tall Totems was founded by Josephine Wong (VP of Design) and twin brothers Chris Hobbs (President) and David Hobbs (VP of Operations). They give high importance to each member of the company and empower them to strive for greater success. The trio believes that success comes from fostering a culture of excellence. This is the reason they have hired some of the best engineers and designers in the world and have nurtured them to tackle any challenges that come up along the way. Their talent has given Two Tall Totems a huge advantage as this makes them capable of utilizing bleeding edge technologies to solve business problems.
React Native is the Burgeoning Trend of Mobile App Industry
React Native allows software developers to reuse code across the web and on mobile. The code can be used to build the same app for iOS and for Android, and eliminates the need for developers to start work from scratch. Another interesting fact about React Native is that there is very little difference between a finished app built in objective-C or Java and one built using React Native. This is the first JavaScript framework that allows for an almost perfect native experience. Facebook has made some amazing products, but this library is the most important and updated to-date. It doesn’t compromise user experience and allows for cross platform development that gives a device a specific feel. Two Tall Totems is investing heavily in training the engineering department in React Native as they believe that this is the future of mobile development.
Future Endeavors
Two Tall Totems aims to be a beacon of innovation by utilizing and implementing bleeding edge technology. They are incredibly excited about the current stage of their growth and optimistic about continuing the same in the near future. With all the experience they have earned over the years, Two Tall Totems is excited to use that knowledge to build many more cutting-edge products for their clients.
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