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TSS: The Pharmaceutical Logistics Puzzle Solver

Around a decade ago, Niclas Ohlsson, CEO of TSS realized that the pharmaceutical industry was missing a giant piece in their logistics puzzle. Up until then, the majority of pharmaceutical supply-chain companies had been guaranteeing the safety of the contents of medical packages by analyzing information produced by data loggers after individual journeys. To cope up with above stated challenges incurred during the shipment of drugs, TSS stepped into the pharmaceutical supply-chain domain to enable decision makers to gain insights into the supply chain with the cloud-based temperature management system for guaranteed and safe delivery of drugs worldwide. TSS develops Cloud temperature management solution with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, which comes with 20 years of drug distribution data and best practices. The invention of cloud-based temperature management system results in greater efficiency and reduced costs, as well as meeting compliance with industry and regulatory requirements.
With the passage of time and its development in technology, TSS became a world leader in cloud temperature management solution provider and started offering the ‘Cloud temperature monitoring system’ which has been developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and based on true business requirements. TSS uses the above technology on a daily basis to guarantee safe delivery of drugs to patients; to help improve the performance of service providers, streamline the delivery process and identify & implement sustainable initiatives. With the incorporation of TSS technology, it has become a trusted key player to its clients for a risk-based approach in managing supply-chain. It’s also delivering big data-driven analytics and documents for end-to-end visibility of drugs as they move through the supply chain; ensuring compliance with regulators’ monitoring requirements and minimizing administrative paperwork.
The Smart Solution Provider for a Smart Planet
Niclas Ohlsson is the CEO of TSS. Since the inception of the company, Niclas has managed the technology, R&D, business development, and marketing organization. His core technological competencies are in software development and business development, which he uses to give rise to the industry of the future. Niclas has always been convinced that it is possible to deliver drugs with guaranteed safety to patients and organizations with the company’s new ability; thereby establishing TSS as an intuitive and reliable working partner in the pharmaceutical industry. With his +20 years of rich experience from different IT companies, he is the agent of development at TSS and is driving it towards excellence in drug transportation with guarantee and safety.
Niclas Ohlsson holds a bachelors’ degree in MSc, Computer Science from Linköping University and has also done a Ph.D. in Software Quality Engineering from the Linköping University in Östergötland.
Clients Serving with State-of-the-Art Technology
TSS has developed a leading Cloud temperature monitoring system software for monitoring end-to-end distribution of life-science products of clients present worldwide. It is developed for Pharma by Pharma. Its secure software is logger-independent. It can be incorporated into an existing business system such as ERP (such as SAP) and IWRS or can also be run separately on any computer or device. It can be tailored to meet the requirements of clients’ operation – no matter where clients are in the product lifecycle – to gain key insights that drive competitive advantage.
TSS intuitive analytics tools discussed above capture and secure big data and present it in easy to read dashboards to manage and transform a client’s supply chain distribution. The client’s requirements regarding drug transportation are supported by its expert team, also helping in the interpretation of data and in the identification of initiatives to reduce unnecessary costs involved in client’s drug delivery process. It has the experience of working with millions of successful missions; roughly 20,000 users in 100 plus countries. Together with its client base, all around the world, it’s helping pharmaceutical manufacturers in saving millions of dollars annually, and is also helping clinical trial companies in minimizing overproduction of drugs, and among many other valuable things. So, with its advanced analytics tools, it is matching client compliance, identifying cost-effective and lean initiatives in the supply chain, and ultimately delivering drugs safely and sustainably to patients and organizations.
Niclas mentions, “Distribution of drugs is not only about meeting regulatory requirements on local markets. It is a matter of gaining an end-to-end visibility of the global supply chain, to truly understand the current performance and the impact on the products.” The company is utilizing that insight in transforming supply chain with more cost-effective and sustainable processes.  Clients are able to assess Freight Forwarders performance over different routes, season, and mode of transport.  It has developed one global solution for clients, managing both primary and secondary distribution as well as the last mile connectivity.  Even if it is a Clinical Study or commercial shipments.

Leading the Market with World-class Insights 

TSS has developed global quality control standards for supply-chain for over 20 years. It’s working closely with leading global pharmaceutical companies and local markets to ensure emerging technologies are brought forward to address real business needs.

TSS already supports the global life science industry, helping players to solve supply chain problems faster and realize measurable business ROI. “We maximize the impact of our customers temperature analytics efforts by providing unique insights that drive competitive advantage,” Niclas concludes.

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