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TrueMed IT: Leading the Global Lab Management Solutions Market

Automation technology is intended to ease the pressure of monotonous and complicated, yet important tasks of laboratories. There are numerous software tools in almost every industry to enable them do the same. Same is the case with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The global revenue from LIMS market is estimated to reach around $900 million USD. Providers across the world are perfecting these systems every day to deliver the best experience to their clients. TrueMed IT is evidently one of them.
Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Dallas, TX, TrueMed IT provides the most flexible medical lab tracking, ordering and resulting software in the market. With its products the company helps individual laboratories, laboratory groups, and marketing groups track every single order and helps with facilitating the automation of processes. The TrueMed IT team provides customizations for clients to allow the ability to meet the workflow and processing needs of each individual lab and marketing group.
Delivering Comprehensive Solutions
TrueMed IT Software as a Service allows a much lower initial price for an LIS while allowing the laboratory to grow into the product over time. The pricing structure allows for small and medium labs to not ‘break the bank’ and allows for larger labs the comfort of building out all software needs to help run the business.
Each lab is unique in its needs, and each lab, small, medium or large, has a voice in the TrueMed IT community. Along with providing features and functions needed by laboratories, the company also provides constant security and support for all clients. TrueMed IT builds reports, report tools, analytic dashboards, reference lab routing rules and features, and the list goes on.  In addition to the normal LIS functions, it provides a full gambit of functionality for laboratory operations and success, a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for laboratories.
A Walkthrough by the Leader
Bryan Shnider is the CEO of TrueMed. He along with the founders looked at the industry and saw that the biggest issue was a lack of innovation in both the software for the laboratories, and the interfacing with 3rd party software. So, they set out to build the robust core features for LIS, while still driving innovation and experimentation on new features and functionality. This led the TrueMed IT product to become one of the most flexible products on the market today.
Bryan states, “Our focus on the end user experience also helped drive the industry to simplify the data entry process and lab requisition entry.” One of TrueMed’s clients switched from competitor product to their system, and they said the end users went from a 5-minute entry process to less than 2 minutes for a patient requisition.
Embracing Competition
TrueMed IT believes in healthy competition and understands that competitors are always around the corner, so its focus is to provide the best product at the best price, while giving the best support and experience for its clients. The continuous commitment to create the features needed by clients helps TrueMed IT stay on top of the changing laboratory industry.
The development course, following a strict and process-driven development, helps define, build, test and deliver the software and automation needed for its clients. More importantly, TrueMed IT has been offering more and more flexibility within the system to allow clients for more of their personal configurations to meet routing, billing, and data intake needs. TrueMed IT was founded on solving problems for laboratories and it asserts that no problem is too large for the company.
Tailored Lab-centric Services
TrueMed IT realizes that every lab has its own unique process and flow. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ software does not work for every client. So, it implemented weekly to bi-weekly discussions with the clients to ensure their needs are being met, along with the changes or features needed to meet future business goals. It is also particularly excited about its integration team and product scalability.
TrueMed IT believes that integrations can only go as fast as the slowest link, and it completed a lab to lab integration within 7 days, fully tested and ready for ‘Go-Live’. The lessons learned from this experience were that, if the company can control the integration, and keep the other parties on the hook, it can achieve a more simplified, process driven, and highly scalable integration.
The Network for Comprehensive Growth
The network TrueMed IT has created allows itself to position as the primary interconnected platform for independent laboratories. It spans over 50 laboratories and over 8,000 physician offices. TrueMed’s product is in alignment with the future goals by giving the tools and functionality necessary for company’s laboratory clients to grow and compete. Each lab added to the network allows the growth of everyone. TrueMed’s infrastructure gives its clients the capability to reach their own goals, without ‘breaking the bank’.
Testimonies of Satisfaction
The TrueMed IT team responds to our needs incredibly fast, they definitely care about their clients.” – Laboratory Operations Manager in Texas
TrueMed IT gives us the agility and functionality to meet all of our needs” – Laboratory CEO in Washington.