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Sonia Soman | Co-founder & CEO | Truecopy Credentials

Truecopy Credentials: Offering World-Class Digital Signature Solutions

Truecopy Credentials is based out of Pune and was launched in 2012. It is a leading provider of digital signature solutions catering to several hundred customers across India. The client base includes educational institutes, Finserv companies, and corporates in a wide variety of sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, electronics, mines and minerals, FMCG and real estate. The clients use the TRUESigner suite of solutions to go paperless in their business processes such as invoicing, issuing purchase orders, credit debit notes and so on. TRUESigner can easily integrate into any ERP/CRM/Legacy system to enable a seamless signing process thereby saving time and money in the process. The stand-alone version allows users to bulk sign PDF files easily and quickly. The solutions provided by Truecopy are compliant with IT Act 2000/2008 and GST regulations as well.
The Visionary Leader
Sonia Soman is a Co-founder and CEO of the company. Passionate about her vision for a paperless world, Sonia believes that digital signatures are key enablers of it. She is responsible for the company’s strategy and customer acquisition. The company has recorded a multi-factor year on year growth since its inception under her leadership.
Digital signatures offer a secure way for last-mile digitization of business processes. More and more organizations are realizing the benefits in terms of efficiency and savings. Digital signatures are also backed by law and regulations across many countries in the world. This will lead to greater adoption across departments in any organization. Whether you wish to execute contracts online or issue offer letters, receive acknowledgments or inbound documents, digital signature solutions will help you get there. In an ideal world, there would be no printing and signing of paper documents.
Signature Solutions of Truecopy
TRUESigner solutions fulfill all your real-time signing requirements. The signature solutions the company offers are:
TRUESigner WEB is intended for Browser-based signing and integrates into the client’s Web applications.
How it works

  • TRUESigner WEB can be invoked directly from your web-page/ javascript.
  • Document signing is triggered from the browser at the press of a button.
  • Works with all commonly used browsers
  • Signed document is returned to your web-page.


  • Seamless integration of signing capability into web-apps.
  • Sample integration code allows you to get started in minutes.

TRUESigner Enterprise – Automated Signing of PO, GST INVOICES, CREDIT NOTES
TRUESigner Enterprise is an on-premise Digital Signature system that integrates into your ERP / CRM / SAP / Oracle / Navision for real-time signing of documents.
How it Works:

  • TRUESigner Enterprise is available as an on-premise solution or as a dedicated hosted solution
  • API that facilitates easy integration into your existing IT systems SAP / ERP / MIS
  • Real-time DIgital Signing can be initiated from multiple locations
  • Works with all Signature types including HSM based signatures.


  • Ideal for companies with multi-location signing with many signers
  • High availability, failure-free design for mission critical applications
  • Unique, highly secure design that ensures security and traceability.

TRUESIGNER DSC – Digitally Sign with your USB Token
TRUESigner DSC facilitates signing of single or bulk documents with any existing DSC (USB Token)
How it works:

  • GUI-based “Select and Sign” capability for single document or multiple documents with DSC
  • Command line capability for single document or multiple documents with DSC


  • Existing DSC token can be used to sign document singly or in bulk
  • Also integrates into your ERP/ Tally/ CRM
  • Feature rich – Has numerous features that meet all common requirements related to document signing

TRUE Esign
The TRUE – eSigner is a service that allows you to incorporate Adhaar-based eSignatures into your applications.
How it Works:

  • A Single Aadhaar eSign API for all your applications
  • Complies with all regulations associated with Aadhaar eSignatures
  • Choose an ESP in real-time.


  • Work with multiple ESPs with single API
  • Better compliance with Regulations on data confidentiality.
  • Reasonable pricing per eSign
  • Better up-time

Benefits for Clients
Truecopy offers signatures that are compliant with the law of the land,100% compliant with GST, IT Act 2000, eIDAS and such regulations. Truecopy offers last-mile automation in their business processes, secure bulk signing capabilities, and savings in terms of time and costs. Signing is enabled directly from their ERP/MIS/CRM systems. Truecopy also fulfills the clients’ mission-critical signing needs.  Solutions will be compliant with the e-invoicing regulation from GST that is expected to be implemented in the new year.
Sonia asserts, “We work with our clients to identify a need that our solution can help fulfill and then we give the best possible service to them, often exceeding expectations. Our understanding of the market and our technical capabilities together help us stay ahead in the game.” Further she proclaims,
“If you consider markets like India, there is still a learning curve involved for clients before they fully understand the utility of digital signatures and how it benefits them. This means longer sales cycles and greater effort in closing the deal. Our solutions are easy to integrate and use. We have created easy-to-understand materials (videos, presentations, case studies and FAQs) that clients find very useful. Our experienced sales team is also well-trained in anticipating questions and addressing them satisfactorily. This helps shorten the sales cycle significantly.
Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs
There are two things I would like to say – It is good to have a great idea, it is even better to get customer validation before building a business around it. Early customers go a long way in building your credibility in the market and give you the affirmation to continue down this path of bringing your idea to reality. Secondly, as the founder, it is your job to acquire the first 50 customers before you delegate that responsibility. This way your sales team can get the confidence that your idea sells”, Sonia Soman concludes.