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Wan Muzaffar Wan Hashim | Co-founder CEO | Anak2U

Anak2U: Reforming Education One Child at a Time

The inclusion of various innovative technologies within the domain of education has given comprehensive development a brief push towards expanding its potential. Education and technology when conjoined, while the necessity for ever-long progress plays the catalyst, makes learning more powerful.
On similar terms, Anak2U, an easy all-inclusive solution has been designed for teachers and parents when managing children’s day to day activities in Early Education centers.
Founded in 2019, Anak2U, literally meaning Children to You, starts as a simple school management system for childcare and early education centres to track a child’s learning in class and reported to parents.
The company revolutionizes the way a report is generated, firstly by making it digital, and then enhancing it by providing recommendation activities to parents, that are auto-generated by the system to ensure that children’s learning does not stop at school.
Anak2U’s initial early adopter provided a feedback that the primary problem which the school faces is time constraint. This has been evident because during school period, they need to give all the time to supervise each of the children. In this case, Anak2U, decreases the time to create a report from 30 minutes for one class to 5 minutes, allowing the teacher to focus on the children and activities in class.
Another problem that Anak2U addresses, is the time consumed to create quality resources based on learning and children’s milestones. However, this requires time and analysis, as teachers need to spend time to appropriately craft quality resources, and supposed to have it personalized to the class and children’s learning capability.
The company has partnered up with resources provider, child care specialist and universities to help and build digital and physical resources. It also aims to enhance different learning and development milestones. All these activities and resources are tagged on different skills, teachers can use the resources provided in class or parents can also use it as follow up activities at home.
Anak2U is the only solution in the market that has a milestone tracker for Islamic curriculum, and linking it to the resources that the company built in-house or has curated from partners. It uses analytics to retrieve data from the digital reporting and a child’s activities to perform data analysis and push the right follow up activities to the parents. This is important for the company as it is moving towards personalized learning in early education. Moving forward, Anak2U will be delivering tailor made resources based on children’s capability.
The Team 
Anak2U’s onset towards a global ascendance is helmed by Wan Muzaffar Wan Hashim, the CEO and Co-founder of Anak2U. He holds a Diplome Ingenieur (Master) in Telecommunication from IMT Lille Douai France and Master’s in Global E-Business from University Lille 1.
Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was a trainer, and has conducted digital training around the region including in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Maldives and Sri Lanka. He also regularly participates in delivering multiple digital project in Malaysia used in the region in multiple domains, from startup to corporate projects including OTT product, Astro Go, travel and loyalty industries such as AirAsiaBig and Firefly mobile app.
Together with two other co-founders, Aniq Aiman Imran and Mohamad Faizal Razak, each having strength in Operation and Technology, Anak2U was built to enhance the communication between school and parent, and revolutionize the current child report card system.
Sustaining Competency
When asked on how the company aims to sustain its competition, considering the ever-competitive market, the CEO says, “The growth in technology gives a lot of opportunity in Ed Tech market, especially in Islamic market where a lot of domains are still open for grab, and can be tapped into. From speech recognition, text recognition, the market is wide open and we plan to explore the digital resources incorporating this technology in them.”
The team at Anak2U hopes to be able to build world-class solutions, with world class curriculum and able to reach its audience through them. “When we find the right formula, we could grow the solution beyond early education, to the primary and secondary school vertical as well,” he adds.
Overcoming Hurdles
Some of the challenges Anak2U faces as a startup are, to break through the current compiling crowded space, evaluating the software products without testing them with students, and the learning curve to use the software. The company provides onsite training to help and introduce the software to teachers and parents, and will be inventing an effective way to educate and adjust the application and system everywhere.
Pricing is also an issue as the company constantly tackles the problem for the entire ecosystem and some early education centers in the region may also have a budget constraint,  making Anak2U to come out with different solutions and packages to different target market.
Anak2U will continue to invest in strengthening its main milestone tracking app, as well as the digital resources so that it will be widely used in the market. The company’s aim is to make Anak2U the main reference for parent and teacher in Islamic world.