You are currently viewing Trucker Helper: An Exclusive Online Trucking Business Management Solution for Drivers, Owner/Operators and Fleets

Trucker Helper: An Exclusive Online Trucking Business Management Solution for Drivers, Owner/Operators and Fleets

E-commerce is growing internationally due to rapid advancements in internet and mobile devices in the emerging markets. However, the most integral part of e-commerce industry is person-to person shipments. The trucking industry is playing a vital role in ensuring efficiency in shipment. This has increased the demands of trucks worldwide, as it is proving to be a pillar of the e-commerce industry. A company named Truckers Helper was founded with a vision to build a smarter and effective trucking business management solution.
Truckers Helper is a total solution for drivers, owner/operators and fleets. It delivers all the tools that are required to manage its clients trucking business right from ‘booking’ the load to ‘paying’ the drivers. The wide array of its tools includes invoicing, a complete trucking specific accounting package, and maintenance tracking and reminders for trucks and trailers.
Truckers Helper’s secure web based solution provides its clients access to their business from the office as well as road. Its mobile solution makes it easy for the whole company to comply.
A Decisive Leadership 
It is the determination of John Ewing, CEO and Founder that has enabled Truckers Helper to be a leading Trucking and Transportation Business Management Solution. There was a time, when recession hit the business hard and at the same instant Sheila Ewing became seriously ill and needed a care giver. Hence, John devoted his time to be with Sheila and had to leave the business to run on its own. In 2017, Sheila gave up the fight and passed away. Since that time, John has been looking for ways to get the business back where it used to be as a leader in the industry.
John is considered an expert in the area of computers, software and accounting for the trucking business. In addition to this, John has been part of Land Line Now, a radio show where he answers the questions of truckers regarding these areas in their business.
Bringing a Company into Existence 
Truckers Helper was originally conceived in 1990 by John and Sheila Ewing, with a need to efficiently manage paperwork regarding transportation. John developed the original macro powered spreadsheet based program during that period to catalyze the idea.
In 1992, they became Owner/Operators and their needs expanded. John set out to rewrite the program to meet their new needs. And the program began to expand to meet their ever growing needs to keep up with both, the technology as well as the changing rules and regulations. After ensuring the program is working, they started sharing it with their friends and colleagues, and as their request and needs expanded, John responded to meet them all.
By 1996, John got involved in advancing the program and meeting user needs. He then decided to turn that program into a full time business and this is how Trucker’s Helper grew exponentially.
Today, with both an Online and Standalone versions, the Truckers Helper is a full-fledged fleet business management solution with comprehensive services that aid the driver, the owner/operator and the fleet owner. The program consists of everything that is needed to manage a trucking business. It also enables enterprises to operate their business faster, easier and smarter than ever before.
A Simple, Integrated and Single Platform 
Truckers Helper comprises both, standalone and online version of the program. The standalone is the classic program, whereas the online is the latest version of the program. Its 2 user subscription model is designed specifically with the Mom and Pop business model and provides enterprises with 2 logins in its cost efficient monthly subscription. In the standalone program, it has separate versions for drivers, owner/oppressors and fleets. And in the online program it has a single truck version for drivers and leased owner/operators and also a fleet version for those who need the billing related modules.
Trucking is also an ever changing business and Truckers Helper is constantly evolving in response to the new rules and regulations that affect the trucking industry. It is a simple, integrated, single platform, where businesses can manage their entire Transportation business. It offers a complete, fully integrated, and real-time Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution ready to use and designed by truckers.
All its clients’ billing, load management & tracking, dispatch, brokering, accounting, safety compliance, maintenance, fuel tax tracking & reporting, routing & fuel optimization, payroll & tax reporting and a comprehensive reporting module can simplify your paperwork.
The Unique Perspective 
The power of any solution is based on a company’s ability to gain compliance from all its users. The better and more complete the data is, the better and more efficient the business can run. The Truckers Helper encourages compliance by making the users’ job easier than before. The company has developed itself with the ‘auditor’ in mind and have a long string of happy owner/operators and fleet owners who have come through their feared audit with ease and success.
Since Truckers Helper has incepted, it has been their vision to allow its users to guide its growth and development. The company has been and will continue to be designed by its users who are the ultimate authorities on what they need to most effectively manage their business. The comments, suggestions and opinions from a company driver, owner/operator or the president of a trucking company are the key aspects that drive the design and functionality of the Truckers Helper.
Additionally, Truckers Helper is tracking the new rules and regulations and is constantly updating to meet its customer’s requirements. The company is adding more adept programmers and support personnel as growing revenues allow, and its visions cater to its loyal customer with unmatched efficiency.
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