Troubleshoot Your Mac’s “Scratch Disk are Full” Problem Right Away!

Most creative designers love using Photoshop. It turns out a little complicated when issues like “Scratch Disks are Full” pop up, and everything turns upside down in about a few seconds.

Today, in this article, we are going to guide you through troubleshooting the error effectively. But, first, we will discuss the basics of the scratch disk, what you need, and some tips to fix the same.

Defining the Scratch Disk

The Scratch Disk is a disk space used for temporary storage while working on Photoshop. The application uses the space to store the segments of your work that consumes the most area of your RAM.

But how?

Photoshop uses the hard disk of your device as virtual memory. Furthermore, it effectively swaps the RAM processes. This generally happens when RAM is running low in terms of space to operate the system processes.

Scratch Disk Space Required

Now, that’s a tricky question! Most of the newbies are still confused, wishing to know, “How many tools do they need to sort this error?” Well, the answer is, your system needs (and sometimes demands!) you will need the desired resource as you increase the load by working hard on it. Moreover, Scratch Disk depends on various history states present in the memory as well.

Let us guide you a little more:

  • You need at least 1.58 GB available on your Scratch Disk to even perform the smallest task, such as using a brush, bit adjustments, and more.

  • However, if you love playing with 3D effects and love editing complex pictures or designs. Then you might need additional resources. It is because the load on your device increases as you use the high definition pixels and related tasks.

Understanding the Root Cause of Scratch Disk Error

It is crucial to identify the problem before getting to the solution. Remember, such products need different working conditions. Especially when it comes to storing temporary files. So, when your device does not have enough storage space, it automatically uses the hard drive to save the temporary files.

The programs are swapped from the hard drive to RAM using Virtual Memory. However, you are likely to receive the “SCRATCH DISK ARE FULL” error when both the hard drive and RAM becomes full. Now, that prevents you from working a little more on your designs and documents!

Fixing up the Error

  • Changing the Location: Most of us like to create a different segment for Photoshop Scratch Disk. It can work in a single partition too. But you can boost the performance of your Mac by keeping the other as Scratch Drives. By doing so, you will eliminate the error and enhance your Mac’s organization. You can do this by: Photoshop Menu>> Preferences>> Scratch Disk

  • Cleaning up the Storage: Always make sure to delete or move the data from one drive to another. Making room for additional space can resolve this issue in a better manner.

  • Reset The Preferences in Photoshop: In most cases, the unexpected application crash can massively affect the preferences file. Additionally, it also affects the capability of the application of handling Scratch Disks. Here, resetting the app can fix the scratch error quickly. To do so, you need to: Go to Preferences>> Reset Preferences on Quit>> Ok

Lastly, which technique has really helped you the most to resolve the problem? Let us know in the comments below. We would be happy to know!

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