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TrizCom PR: Delivering Tailor-made Solutions and Building Unwavering Trust

Marketing agencies around the world have come up with range of innovative concepts like creative and branding services, digital, media planning and buying, public relations, and market research over the years. However, the companies with the most groundbreaking approaches and strategies have dominated the long run, and TrizCom PR is one of them.
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TrizCom PR is dedicated to providing clients with unified and best-in-class teams and has evolved as a mid-size, boutique PR agency. By combining best practices with innovative approaches, it empowers communications with bigger, bolder ideas that can break through clutter and achieve results.
A Resourceful Leader and Trailblazer 
Jo Trizila is the Founder and CEO of TrizCom PR. She is also a multitalented, high-caliber public and media relations marketing professional. Jo holds over 25 years of experience in building and leading, integrated and strategic public relations operations for globally renowned companies. She has an in-depth background in crisis communications, publicity, expert positioning, promotions, influencer marketing, investor relations and legislative affairs.
For Jo, creating a public relations agency from scratch was a natural progression. Although the journey has not been a cakewalk, Jo has significantly managed to make her mark in a highly competitive industry. Her team’s work has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America where she earned the prestigious Best of Show and three Pegasus Awards. Her firm is also a certified woman-owned business as established by the National Women Business Owners Corporation.
As a former PR expert at the Dallas Regional Chamber, City of Irving and for a variety of nonprofits, storytelling is her linchpin. Currently, Jo serves as a City of Dallas Cultural Affairs Commissioner and is very active on nonprofit boards; she contributes as a Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Heroes for Children, a Texas based charity that ensures no family fights childhood cancer alone.
An Adept Team of Professionals 
TrizCom PR believes that personal relationships are at the core of any successful public relations campaign. This is a human-capital business that relies on the value of storytelling as well as story selling for their clients. The unique factors that TrizCom PR brings to a client include nimble and scalable campaigns that are designed to fit their specific objectives with measurable results.
It’s a tailor-made approach in raising a brand’s awareness and consideration of both products and services for B2B and B2C companies. While they use the same tools, and perform much of the same work as the large global firms, TrizCom PR is able to keep their billable hourly rates and retainers much lower with white glove service. Led by analytics and measurable results, their clients have access to the lift public relations provides in the way of website traffic, conversions and other bottom lines.
While collaboration is often a word one hears from the agency side, TrizCom PR employs this tactic as a strategy to achieve success and is an integral part of their culture. TrizCom PR, includes team members from interns up to senior account supervisors, who collectively collaborate across accounts to realize their client’s successes. TrizCom PR believes that their collaborative style is one of the advantages of working with a mid-sized agency and one of the prime reasons that their account retention level beats industry expectations.
Unfolding the Story of Inception 
TrizCom PR began ten years ago in a spare room of Jo Trizila’s home, as a one-person operation that has grown in size and structure. Beginning with a staff of independent contractors, she later added salaried employees. Their client roster began to grow as well, from startups to nonprofits to iconic brands. They have chosen their clients and partners very carefully, making sure that they are a good fit for the agency ensuring their relationships can work on both sides of the equation.
TrizCom PR credits its team’s competitive spirit and integrity for its astonishing success. While taking pride in their own work, they produce unique customer experiences for every single client. There hasn’t been a magical formula or any type of a magic pill, but the team has collectively created an agency that is collaborative, innovative and proactive that consistently produces client ROI.
Internally, TrizCom PR is an agency that is fun, cheerful and dedicated. Together, they celebrate team and client victories. TrizCom PR steadfastly believes that everyone needs to stop and smell the roses–and then share them with others. Every member of the team has the workhard, play-hard mentality and celebrates disruptions with their proactive and crazy creativity.
Jo says, “The admiration I have for every single TrizCom PR team member can’t be expressed with words. They have taught me that in unity, there is strength enough to construct a colossus. From the foundation to the ridgepole, the parts reinforce and support one another to create a cathedral that echoes with sounds of success. TrizCom PR is a success because of the synergism our team, individually and collectively, provides in building solidarity.” 
Promising Future 
TrizCom PR has been successful in partnering with some of the world’s leading organizations. Most recently, it created an alliance with Stryker-Munley Group to extend its national offerings. Stryker-Munley Group is the only national integrated public relations and marketing communications firm of its kind, with all offices being independently owned and run by seasoned professionals who are leaders in their respective markets. TrizCom PR aims to build more subsequent relations and envisions adding value to its services through such developments.
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