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Christian Rauscher | Founder | tritra

tritra: Enabling a Better Performance for Self-directed Investors

tritra, a fintech company incepted with the goal of helping people to make smarter investment decisions by applying what is researched in the area of behavioural finance theory. Thus tritra does not – like a lot of other fintechs – promise that it is smarter then the market or could predict future developments of the stock market, but it does help investors to keep an interactive investment decision diary and help to learn out of own mistakes and pitfalls.
Architect behind tritra
The founder of the company, Christian Rauscher, who already founded some 20 years ago a consulting company for the banking industry admits with a smile: “Well the last 20 years I spent my life to support banks to focus more on emotions, thus I called my company emotion banking, and now my mission is to help people get aware of their feelings and how they influence them in decision making. For instance even until today, I still have very hard times to sell stock, once they are negative. This is called ‘Loss aversion’. Before I have to admit, that I made a poor investment, I keep the stock until it is completely down and all hope is gone. At the very bottom, I will sell it for some pennies to see it rise afterwards.” In-fact: Christian is not alone. In 2014 1/3 of all portfolios performed negative while S&P rose by 14% annually. This demonstrates how important it is to make smart investment decisions. And the market is growing pushed by banks that have to reduce personnel thus saving costs and leading to less personal advice and increasing fees on advice and transparency in the European market.
Christian is an experienced and successful entrepreneur. He was Associate Professor at University for Business Administration in Vienna and MBA Faculty Member at Danube University Krems. He is also a life long learner and always thirsty for new insights. But when Christian decided to start a fintech company, he realized that he need to learn trillions of new things, starting by language and technology.
“When I attended Paris fintech conference I really was shocked by technologies that were presented there. But we also have to take into mind, that innovation is not about technology, but about how people change their behavior. Not everything has to be rocket science – sometimes we just need a reminder – a nudge – to do the right thing. tritra is that sort of friendly nudge,” asserts Christian.
The team tritra about their Journey
“For too long we all have lost money in the game of bull and bear. Even if we studied the rules of success, theories of asset allocation or miracles of charting, still our results could be improved. It’s time to focus on the most relevant aspect in trading: YOURSELF. It’s the way we think and decide that ultimately influences our outcome. tritra helps you to gain back control, understand your patterns and thus supports you to reach financial success. We are small group of passionate people that are forward thinking in finding ways to empower and inspire the way people make better financial decision.”
Distinctive Offerings from tritra
No robo advisory but kind of smart assistance – For the team tritra it is important that they want to support self deciders and risk takers – they do not want people to become passive, just watching how some algorithms do the asset selection or portfolio assembly. Instead team tritra want people to learn and understand more about their emotions and how they are influenced by them.
Deliver information to the point of decision – so, tritra does not sell any product or does trading but it keeps people connected with their portfolio and their ideas.
Revolutionary in tritra’s approach is:

  1. The focus on the investor as an individual influenced by emotions and cognition.
  2. On-going support, which has been the missing link in investment process. tritra provides the support while the investor is invested and fills the gap between buy and sell point.

tritra is decision support system, trading journal, automated feedback, personal evaluation and risk management tool, pro- active knowledge- delivery engine, heads- up display, personal diary and virtual personal trading assistant. In addition to functionality and usefulness, tritra is stylish, fun and easy to use while at the same time it gives the bigger picture of the market. Also, tritra is a smart App, alive and customizable to the individual user.