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Azhar Maqsood | Founder & CEO | TrionTotte

TrionTotte: Delivering Quality Sports and Nutrition Essentials

The need for essential and quality products in the sports industry is rising. The team of TrionTotte has many different sections of products which include Sports Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Training and Accessories. Nutrition is one of the key components for sportspersons and TrionTotte has almost everything a sportsperson need.
From Energy, Protein, Hydration and Vitamins & Minerals, the TrionTotte team has got us covered. The TrionTotte team has many types of helpful equipment under the Physiotherapy section such as Tapes, Massagers, Acupuncture, Sleeves and Straps and Bandages and Dressing. Such equipment is very helpful for sports persons. Under their training section TrionTotte has Resistance Training and Technical Equipment.
The team at TrionTotte thinks from the standpoint of the user and customer satisfaction is its main focus. Its products and services have won TrionTotte many partners who are delighted to be working with them.
TrionTotte works directly with sports clubs, professional players, coaches, sports scientists, nutritionists and Physiotherapists to develop products that are formulated for the exact needs of sportspersons. So that it can help players fix on-pitch issues like fatigue, energy, rehydration, strength and conditioning.
TrionTotte supplies fitness, nutrition and physiotherapy products under the name of TrionTotte Brand. TrionTotte is also the sole distributor of Beam Trainer Timing Gates in India.
SAFE FOR SPORTS [In-house Programme] Testing support provided by LGC Group UK. All the Nutrition products are custom tested for banned substances and are safe for the use of sports persons.
Mentioned below are highlights of the interview:
Kindly brief us about the company and its initial journey.
TrionTotte was registered in 2016 but due to the political factors it was incredibly hard to operate from Jammu and Kashmir due to the unstable condition. But our CEO likes challenges and that is how he made sure that TrionTotte successfully grows overtime.
What are the key points that you consider while choosing or getting in talks with a new Franchisee?
Mostly importantly, we should share a common focus and enthusiasm.
How do you train and support the new franchisee on-board and track their development?
Haven’t added any Franchisee Yet, but distributors are made aware of the products and why these are better than the competition.
What factors differentiate you from competitors and how do you ensure that these factors remain consistent throughout the chain?
Our primary focus is customer satisfaction and the best quality.
How do you leverage technology to keep a tab on growth and expansion?
In reference to scientific research: We continuously strive to create advanced products.
How do you deal with the franchisee expectations and disagreements, if any?
Everything is discussed and there is a proper plan to be followed in order to keep a transparent working environment.
What has your past business growth looked like and what are the long-term plans for future growth?
We have been consistently growing and will continue to do the same along with adding more products to our offerings.
About the leader
Founder & CEO, Azhar Maqsood is a fitness enthusiast and he as well as the company believes that sports is one of the mediums through which we can achieve a healthy and active lifestyle.