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Trintech: Transforming the Record to Report Marketspace through Continuous Innovation

Finance and accounting professionals at every level of an organization are often burdened by the constraints of poor technology. Most recently, only 6% of finance leaders attending a PwC summit reported that they were comfortable with the current status of their finance technology. Without the right technology, these organizations face a number of challenges, including multiple unstandardized processes, a lack of visibility and bottlenecks in their systems, and a slew of risky manual processes.
These challenges span the entire Record to Report process, from account reconciliation to high-volume transaction matching, to journal entry and close task management, to financial reporting and compliance. Trintech, a company built on continuous innovation, transforms this process, offering automated financial solutions for the Record to Report process to meet the needs of today’s organizations; taking their financial processes to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness.
Innovation Excellence in the Market
For over 25 years, Trintech has been driving innovation throughout the Record to Report (R2R) process, being the first to offer a complete holistic approach across the entire financial close, the first to mobilize R2R, and the first to offer Risk Intelligent R2R Robotic Process Automation. All of this enables Trintech’s customers to optimize resources, reduce costs and improve governance and transparency across their financial close process. Key automation functions include:
Close Management – Manages the entire Record to Report cycle end-to-end, from local to group financial close, including all the tasks, dependencies and issues.
Journal Entry – Accelerates the Record to Report cycle by automating the journal entry management process including creation, validation, approval and posting.
Certification – Ensures the integrity of financial statements, via automated enterprise account reconciliation, balance sheet certification and variance analysis.
Compliance – Exercises quality assurance through comprehensive support for all corporate and regulatory compliance requirements.
Intercompany Reconciliation – Automates intercompany transactions and balances to ensure data integrity across multiple ERPs, entities and through mergers/acquisitions.
Advanced Matching – Performs transaction matching, intercompany and exception management for complex and/or high volume reconciliations.
Treasury Management – Centralizes cash management, reconciliations, cash pooling, funds transfer and cash forecasting for comprehensive views of corporate cash flow.
Account Analysis – Allows the download, analysis and verification of bank fee data in minutes.
Unclaimed Property Compliance System – Automates the collection, tracking, management and reporting of more than 100 types of unclaimed property.
Leading the Competition
Trintech’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the Office of Finance ensures the flexibility and scalability required to support global, complex enterprise business structures. The ability of Trintech’s products to handle exceptionally high volumes of reconciliations and journal entries has convinced large enterprise-class organizations across the globe – including the majority of the Fortune 100 – to partner with Trintech to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their finance organizations.
A key differentiator for Trintech is that its solutions and technologies are ERP agnostic, allowing enterprises to implement its financial solutions regardless of their current systems.  Whether you have a single instance or multiple instances, a single vendor or multiple vendors, on premise or in the cloud, Trintech fully supports your ERP ecosystem and provides pre-coded connectors that significantly reduce the cost, time and risk of data integration between new and legacy ERPs such as, SAP®, Oracle® and NetSuite® and Trintech solutions.
Driven by the highest level of commitment for customer satisfaction and support, Trintech also has an absolute commitment to meeting the security, data privacy and compliance needs of its customers. Trintech’s cloud-based solutions are architected for security to provide its customers’ data isolation, operational agility and security features that strengthen the information environment without constricting flexibility and efficiency.
Leveraging the Technology Trends
Trintech has been able to lead by continuously monitoring the trends that are impacting the market and by applying methodologies that ensure that the needs of the marketplace are met through the development of advanced technologies, either via investments in internal R&D or via targeted acquisitions of best in class technologies that fit the business model and the criteria’s set by the industry. This proactive and strategic approach places Trintech as a leader in the industry, allowing its customers to leverage its solutions to meet their specific needs faster and focus more time and effort on the strategic direction of their organization.
With Trintech, the Office of Finance can transform its operations via various stages – from manual processes, to standardization, to process optimization, to automation, to Risk Intelligent Robotic Process Automation. This transformation is designed to lower costs and reduce risk by driving standardization of all R2R workflows, automation and Risk Intelligent Robotics, which then drive cross-process efficiencies, all anchored to their compliance framework.
Meet the CEO of Trintech
Teresa Mackintosh, CEO of Trintech, has over 20 years of experience working with the Accounting, Tax and Finance functions of companies world-wide, and helping them to be a catalyst for organizational innovation. Mackintosh has held several senior leadership roles at Wolters Kluwer and Thomson Reuters for the past twenty years. She has been named as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting,” and has also been named to the “Most Powerful Women in Accounting” list every year since 2012.
Mackintosh is a CPA and began her career as a Tax Consultant for Price Waterhouse. Mackintosh received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.