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Trilliant Networks: Connecting the World of Things™

As the era of Internet of Things (IoT)evolves and grows, there is increasing pressure on utilities and energy retailers to deal with supply limitations, environmental mandates, distributed generation and intermittent renewables. Adding to the laundry list of complexities there is a growing popularity of consumers’ desire to monitor, control and use energy more efficiently.
TrilliantNetworks formed with a vision to help energy providers improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and integrate renewable and distributed energy resources. Today, Trilliant is a global leader in delivering intelligent networks that enable the transition to smart grid and smart cities. Their unique platform powers networks for leading energy providers around the world.
Trilliant Networks journeyed from a single network and single application solution provider to an industry leading, global communication solutions company. Their solutions include some of the most field-proven, globally compliant, secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum software and communications solutions and they are committed to connecting the world of things.
“We offer industry leading, enterprise-wide Smart communications platform for smart grid and smart cities investments.”
Catering to the Needs of Ever Changing Industry
The energy and utilities industry is ever changing and dynamic. Utilities face a variety of market and regulatory factors that force adaptation at a rapid pace. The very business model of energy supply and retail is being challenged with an array of initiatives such as renewables and distributed generation all to be provide with a new focus on consumer orientated services.
Trilliant believes that the next generation of smart grid and smart cities solutions must be built on an open and secure network that will allow the frictionless exchange of data. This architecture will propel the energy industry to a bright future with an integrated, flexible, standards based, and scalable solution. Trilliant’s advanced technologies are designed to work with virtually any system, thereby providing a secure, powerful source of connectivity and data, now and for generations to come.
We offer an open platform that provides utilities and the city’s one of the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with the most options and flexibility.
An Innovative Leader Shaping the Future
Andy White is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TrilliantNetworks. He joined Trilliant in 2009, bringing over 30 years of leadership experience in the Utility, Energy, Networks and Communications industries. Prior to Trilliant, White served as a General Electric (GE) corporate officer, and as a President and CEO of GE Nuclear Energy he guided the company through the formation of the GE-Hitachi partnership.
White began his career with GE in London, United Kingdom in the network communications and controls division. He held various leadership positions within GE Power Systems and GE Energy, where the breadth and depth of his experience ranged from leading the Asia Services businesses to being the General Manager of several service divisions headquartered in the USA. During his tenure at GE, White led businesses for major infrastructure and communications projects in Congo, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dominican Republic and Algeria.
White has served on 2 university advisory committees and 10 boards. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bath University, United Kingdom, specializing in Power Electronics.
As the chairman and CEO of Trilliant Networks, White is responsible for shaping the strategic vision and articulating it in a clear, engaging and exciting way. He is most passionate about driving an innovative and collaborative culture with his employees and partners while keeping a pulse on performance to drive results for their stakeholders. He believes in working closely with the employees and customers to drive excellence and innovation within the company.
Application-Aware and Device Agnostic Platform
The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform uses standard protocols and interfaces, including the Common Information Model (CIM) and, for devices, Common Communication Modules that makes the platform,“application-aware” and “device agnostic”.
The utility or city is not constrained to a narrow suite of proprietary applications, but instead can choose any best-of-breed application and device vendors from Trilliant Network’s strong ecosystem of partners, for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Distribution Automation, Smart Cities and Analytics.
Featuring a Future-proof Architecture and Device-level Intelligence
Trilliant features a future-proof architecture and device-level intelligence at scale. If a utility or city selects a communications platform that cannot support future applications, it may face a stranded asset long before its investment is recouped or find themselves unable to fast rate of change in application or needs.
Designed to support any Smart Grid (AMI, DA, DSM), Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) application, today and tomorrow, the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform is built on a future-proof architecture. Every node on this multi-technology and multi-purpose network is capable of edge-intelligence to support multiple applications across the network.
Partitioning of application domains allows support of multiple applications, each with its own independent security and Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. The Platform’s scalability ensures performance and reliability with millions of devices on the network.
“A hallmark of the Trilliant Smart Communications Platform is flexibility.”
Offering the Highest Level of Security
What more? Trilliant offers industrial-grade, end-to-end security. The Trilliant Smart Communications Platform offers one of the highest levels of security, confidentiality and data privacy for every device on the network to leading industry-governing bodies worldwide. It utilizes industry-standard protocols at the link, network and application layers (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) methods) while creating an environment that secures individual devices, groups of devices and separate application domains operating on a single network.
“Our solutions evolve as the industry evolves.”
Bringing Seamless Integration of a Variety
The industry has already proven that there is no “one size that fits all” communications solution to the vastly different requirements for today and in the future. Thus, Trilliant Smart Communications Platform brings seamless integration of a variety of fit for purpose technologies (multi-tier Mesh, cellular and RPMA). Along with Trilliant’s rich ecosystem of partner applications, the platform can simultaneously support the robust needs of connecting to grid and distribution assets, as well as connecting higher volume sensor and endpoints such as smart meters.
The addition of RPMA technology has added to their offerings and allowed them to face industry challenges such as sporadic and regulated opt-in deployment topologies in addition to underground assets. It offers impressive performance and establishes a cost-effective entry point to the Smart Grid and Smart City market.
“Our Smart Communications Platform is a launch pad for future applications.”
Passion, Accountability, Collaboration and Energy
At Trilliant, they invest in innovation while tackling every project with urgency, so that they can make customers future-ready through innovative, open and secure software and communications solutions. The teams are always passionate about finding the right solution for the customers. “We are accountable, will do what we say, and strive for excellence.We have a collaborative environment and work to make our customers successful while energetically evolving and growing to meet the demands of the market,” asserts Andy.
“We create a business that empowers employees, customers, and communities.
Looking Beyond the Future
Trilliant considers themselves honored to have worked with leading utilities and cities around the world who collectively serve more than 100 million customers, in developed countries like North America and Europe along with developing countries in Asia Pacific and Latin America.
Being at the peak of success, Trilliant is heading towards explosive growth as they introduce cutting edge technologies. With locations in California, Kuala Lumpur, London, Montreal, Singapore and Toronto, they’ve recently announced a new global headquarters in Raleigh North Carolina to support their worldwide operations and growth plan. Construction of their new headquarters is underway and will feature an open and collaborative environment with research and development labs and a state-of-the-art customer demonstration center.
“We are a culture of innovation and collaboration. We are committed to our customers and cutting edge solutions. We will continue to innovate and partner with our utility and energy customers to deliver true benefits of smart energy to their operations, their consumers and society,” concludes Andy.

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