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Trilliant: Enabling Actionable Intelligence With an Open and Secure Communications Platform

The energy and utilities sectors are in the midst of digital transformation. Traditional communication channels are no longer effective nor cost efficient. The global leader in delivering intelligent networks, Trilliant is a connectivity company, providing infrastructure solutions that enable actionable intelligence with an open and secure communications platform and approach to help address modern energy challenges. Trilliant’s advanced technologies are designed to work with virtually any system to provide a powerful source of data now and for generations to come. With three decades’ experience and the most field-proven and globally compliant solutions, Trilliant maximizes smart grid and smart city investments and makes operations future-ready.
Empowering Customers through Networking Technologies 
Passionate about connections, Trilliant aims to empower customers through network and networking technologies. Trilliant stands behind their partnerships and solutions, because they believe in the success of their customers. Unlocking the potential for new businesses to make a better life for consumers through instantaneous information, Trilliant makes customers the custodians of their own critical data and will not constrain how they use their data today or in the future. Working with customers wherever they are in their smart journey, Trilliant’s solutions range from advanced metering infrastructure to smart city applications and beyond. Trilliant provides a view into your data, your way, changing the way the utility and energy industries communicate and connect.
A Leader, One of its Kind 
Andy White is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trilliant Networks. He joined Trilliant in 2009, bringing over 30 years of leadership experience in the Utility, Energy, Networks and Communications industries. Prior to Trilliant, White served as a General Electric (GE) corporate officer, and as a President & CEO of GE Nuclear Energy he guided the company through the formation of the GE-Hitachi partnership.
White began his career with GE in London, United Kingdom in the network communications and controls division. He held various leadership positions within GE Power Systems and GE Energy, where the breadth and depth of his experience ranged from leading the Asia Services businesses to being the General Manager of several service divisions headquartered in the USA. During his tenure at GE, White led businesses for major infrastructure and communications projects in Congo, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Dominican Republic and Algeria.
White has served on 2 university advisory committees and 10 boards. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bath University, United Kingdom, specializing in Power Electronics.
As the CEO of Trilliant Networks, White is responsible for shaping the strategic vision and articulating it in a clear, engaging and exciting way. He is most passionate about driving an innovative and collaborative culture with his employees and partners while keeping a pulse on performance to drive results for their stakeholders. He believes in working closely with the employees and customers to drive excellence and innovation within the company.
Committed to Connecting the World of Things 
Trilliant has always been committed to connecting the world of things. Leading the journey from a single network and single application solution provider to an industry leading, global communication solutions company, Trilliant offers the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide Smart Communications Platform for connecting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Trilliant has multiple deployments in developed and emerging markets that deliver mission critical device connectivity. Trilliant’s open and secure software and communications solutions are field-proven, globally compliant, secure, standards-based, multi-technology solutions that are designed to work with virtually any system, globally. Committed to best-in-class solutions that empower customers to connect the world of things, Trilliant is passionate about finding the right solutions and turning complexity into simplicity.
Unique Culture, Hard-Working Employees, Strong Teamwork and Accountability 
Trilliant is committed to making their customers successful with the secure, standards-based approach, globally proven technology and strong influence on IIOT. Other key factors include Trilliant’s unique culture, hard-working employees, strong teamwork and accountability. Trilliant represents a confident, energized and straightforward culture with motivated, reliable and knowledgeable employees who strive to be genuine in all interactions with each other and customers. Maintaining the highest integrity and work ethic, Trilliant employees take initiative to help the company change and grow. They are dedicated to listening to customers’ challenges, designing solutions that exceed their expectations and delivering on-time with the highest quality and world-class performance.
Enabling Utilities to Deploy and Diversify into Nontraditional Markets 
The “digital utility,” grid modernization and enabling utilities to deploy and diversify into non-traditional markets are some of the top trends Trilliant foresees as being important in the near future. Trilliant believes that to propel the energy industry to a bright future, the ’next generation’ of smart grid must be built on a network that allows for a frictionless exchange of data. Utilities, representing the largest, active business case of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), must find efficient ways to deliver services, generate new revenue streams, and engage with their residents. Technologies must work with any system and provide a secure, powerful source of data. In many areas, alternate business models and service offerings are critical for sustainability. Looking forward to the future with optimism and a can-do spirit, Trilliant believes the possibilities they can create for companies, communities, and people are endless and compel them to work towards creating new solutions.

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