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Trideus: Enabling 3D Printing Professionals to Accomplish Their Goals

Founded in 2014, Trideus offers the right additive manufacturing solution for every problem come across the 3D printing professionals. It allows businesses to have a unique experience with its 3D printers, 3D Scanners, Filaments, and many other 3D Printing solutions. As the Founder and CEO of Trideus, Jesse BUTENEERS shares his insights and experience along with the product details and role of the company in revolutionizing the 3D Printing industry.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Jesse and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision. 
I founded Trideus five years ago and started selling 3D printers to B2C customers. Shortly after that, we changed our target market to B2B customers. At Trideus, we now focus mainly on professional users of 3D printers’ customers who are looking for the added value Trideus offers.
We believe that our added value is offering our customers a complete solution. That is next to hardware and materials also consultancy, training and support, both technical as well as keeping the 3D printers running 24/7.
Besides this, we offer our 3D printing service, which is a great way to start with, because without investing one euro you can explore the benefits of 3D printing for your company. Everything we offer and do is based on the needs and possible applications in the different industries.
The vision of Trideus is to be the AM/3D printing expert in the BeNeLux based on four pillars:

  • a wide range of 3D printers, which in combination with the appropriate materials, deliver solutions in many industries and suppliers of services (architects, hospitals, designers, and so on)
  • a platform with knowledge, information and experiences free to be consulted by everybody
  • offering excellent services: advice/consulting, installation, training and after-sales service
  • offering an excellent print service

Certainly, in the Benelux and probably in Europe, the wide range of printers and solutions offered by Trideus is unique.
What are the cutting-edge products/solutions offered by Trideus? 
At this moment, Trideus is delivering a wide range of professional and industrial 3D printers from HP, Desktop Metal, BigRep, Ultimaker, Formlabs, Raise3D, 3DGence, 3D Systems. With this portfolio, we offer 3D printing solutions for prototyping, low volume production, medical and dental applications up to 3D metal printing for SME’s.
Besides these printers, we offer our customers accessories, spare parts, materials and technical support. But I think the most important value we offer our (potential) customers is that, we always start asking “What do you want to accomplish with 3D printing?” Based on the answer and further inquiries, Trideus provides a solution: either a 3D printer or 3D print service or even the address of another supplier.
Give a detailed description of your influence on the company and the industry. 
My personal belief in the future of 3D printing has been the drive for the past years. Growing from 2 employees to 23 today looks easy, but it requires a constant focus on our vision. By enlarging our team of AM experts, we enhanced our knowledge of AM/3D printing technology.
Since the start of Trideus, I met a lot of suppliers, mostly from well-known brands. Every time when I had to decide about a partnership, it was important to be sure that this supplier is providing the best solutions in an industry. These values of quality, delivering the best services and transparent communication are the guidelines in the daily activities for all of the Trideus team.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company. 
“Never base a decision on assumptions!” is the quote and guideline within Trideus. Make sure you are well informed, examine all possibilities and test extensively before taking a decision. This goes for adding a new 3D printer to the wide range of 3D printers or providing a solution towards a (potential) customer.
What are the challenges faced while providing 3D Printing solutions and how is Trideus serving to tackle them? 
Let me start with explaining why I’m convinced that in the next few years many industries will start implementing 3D printing. Manufacturing companies can i.e. speed up and lower cost of tool-making with easy to use filament 3D printers.
At Trideus we have customers like Philips doing this. In the dental and medical industry, 3D printing offers great benefits for patients and doctors, like prepare complex surgeries or print customized devices.
When you talk about engineering companies, the 3D printing solutions of Trideus shortens lead-time of product development and gives engineers a tool to check their designs the next day. As implementing of AM/3D printing will happen in many industries, getting acquainted with the specific needs and possibilities in certain industries is of utmost importance for Trideus.
Another challenge is to examine and evaluate continuously new 3D printing solutions. The technology evolves fast. Trideus will stay in contact with existing and new suppliers in order to be very well informed to be able to deliver the best solution(s) to the existing and new customers.
Our third challenge is further professionalizing the organization in all departments in order to guarantee the best customer experience.
What according to you could be the potential future of 3D printing industry and how does Trideus is sustaining its competency? 
Without any doubt, AM/3D printing will be disruptive in many industries, and in many companies and organizations. 3D printing fits exactly in the digitalization with Industry 4.0. It’s a fully digital technology to produce customized products as well as smaller and bigger series on demand, because we don’t need tooling.
The bits and bytes are our tools that make this technology scalable and thus flexible. To sustain our competency, we keep investing in people and knowledge, so that we can understand the needs and challenges of our customers, and can offer the best 3D printing solution for them.