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Triada Networks: Securing Business Networks

It’s often noticed that smaller firms install a firewall or antivirus and they believe they are protected from cyber-related threats. In the same way large firms will purchase the latest security product thinking it would solve all their problems. But both methods leave organizations at risk, regardless of their size. Better security can only be achieved with practical investments in the right technology, people and processes. A difficult part is understanding the people equation. Smaller companies have immense difficulty getting the right security talent for their team. The team at Triada Networks helps bridge that gap. Triada Networks services the Cyber Security and Information Technology needs of small and medium independent asset managers, such as private equity firms, venture capital companies, CLO investors, and small hedge funds in Metro NYC, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut.
Triada’s Distinctive Approach
Triada Networks focuses on helping boutique investment firms and small businesses looking to defend themselves from cyber risk and supporting compliance through thoughtful and pragmatic solutions that protect and check the box. Triada Networks packages together a unique blend of policy and procedural development, active network monitoring and logging, advanced endpoint protection/detection/response, end-user security training and testing, dark web monitoring, and continuous vulnerability scanning.
Triada (which means trinity) is guided by three pillars;
The first pillar of Triada Networks’ is to protect. Like the hippocratic oath says do no harm; team Triada Networks work tirelessly to ensure that their client’s business is protected from unnecessary risk. This initial and most important pillar is the foundation of the services that Triada Networks provides including:

  • Backup/Disaster Recovery Services and Business Continuity Planning
  • Managed Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Automated Patching and Updating of Systems
  • Managed Firewall/Perimeter Security
  • Mobile Device Management and Laptop Encryption

Triada Networks’ second pillar is the optimization of technology. This includes ensuring that the existing investments made by clients are being used to its greatest ability and that their future investments are made properly with their business in mind. These services build on the first pillar:

  • Weekly desktop and server optimizations
  • Automated malware scanning using a secondary system
  • Virtual CIO Services including budgeting
  • IT Consulting and Project Planning
  • Manage all of your other technology vendors

The third pillar is empowerment. Triada Networks make sure that their clients’ use the right IT to empower their business, streamlining their daily operations, automating their most routine practices, and freeing their staff to focus on their important work and not their technology.

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • VoIP Phone Systems

Creator of Triada Networks
Raffi Jamgotchian is the Founder of Triada Networks. He has been working in Information Technology sector since 1995 and began his cybersecurity career a year later building Solaris based Checkpoint firewalls. Raffi founded Triada Networks in 2008 to bring enterprise security practices and solutions to smaller investment firms that did not have the resources to do it themselves.
Triada Networks was founded in 2008 with the aim to provide an alternative for investment firms and other financial services businesses from the drudgery of IT management. “We understand how critical it is for businesses like yours to have a solid foundation of technology to support you, but we also know you want to be able to focus on running your business and not worrying about your IT,” asserts Raffi about their service objectives.
“That’s why we love what we do. We understand the baseline things that need to be done to build you that foundation you need, and we enjoy not only serving your IT needs, but also helping you leverage your technology to achieve your goals,” Raffi added.
Fulfilling Advanced Safety Demands
Security and technology are ever changing. Podcasts are a big part of staying on top of what is going on in the industry. Triada Networks is also involved in a number of industry organizations. Lastly, Triada Networks is a member of the US Secret Service Joint Electronics Task Force (USS-JECTF) in New York/New Jersey. This provides the Triada Networks team access to collaboration between industry and law enforcement. They are a security-first managed services provider. Triada Networks come in with the mindset that they are going to help the company defend and protect its most important assets. But unlike other security-only firms, they can help with their IT infrastructure decisions as well.
Benefits for Clients
Triada Networks’ clients get the benefit by working with a firm that isn’t going to convince them to buy something just for the sake of buying it. Triada Networks will work with each decision maker to find the best solution that would be most financially feasible for their clients.
The Triada Networks team focuses on delivering the best end result. They give clients a solid foundation of security and preparation, using proactive solutions to catch problems before they start and eliminate downtime and disruption of their business. Then the team will add the features that the client needs, helping them to discover what technology serves best and ensuring business will always be ready to compete and grow.
Future Objectives
“We’re always looking to see what’s on the horizon. How will Internet connected sensors (IoT) or other kinds of single purpose embedded devices affect our security investments? How can we leverage data that is collected across customers to improve threat intelligence. How can machine learning and artificial intelligence help security practitioners make solid decisions or come up with their own solutions? How will blockchain be used to provide integrity to our processes?” asserts Raffi about their future strategies.
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