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Trendy or Trashy: Should You Make a Video Resume?

Nothing gets you the job like a great suit, a great smile, and an awesome resume. The resume makes the applicant.

Why not look into updating your current resumes into video resumes?
Submitting a video resume to an employer helps establish a perfect first impression. Almost everyone knows first impressions can make or any relationship, especially professional ones. You get the chance to showcase a professional personality and sell your skills live.

Video resumes also answer the questions managers want to ask but often don’t have time to.
Are you thinking of hopping on the video resume trend? Learn everything you need to know about video resumes to make the best decision here.

What Are Video Resumes?
Paper resumes are the traditional way of sharing your professional background. To spice up your paper personality, some candidates include a cover letter.

Hopefully, the right verbiage or catch phase makes an employer stop at your resume.

Video resumes go beyond the traditional. It’s a one-minute presentation that highlights your professional skills, underscores your interests, and showcases your personality. A video resume is like a pre-interview before the actual interview, but you do all the talking. Talk yourself up.

How to Make a Recorded Resume?
Prior to smartphones and apps, candidates set up camcorders in a makeshift office and recorded themselves.

Modern technology helps prospective job seekers use dedicated software and apps to record. Candidates get to use their phones, tablets, or laptops to video themselves.

Some software features allow them to narrate in more creative ways by using an Images to Videos Converter. Job seekers get to tell quick stories about themselves through pictures—volunteer experience, for example.

Tips for Creating a Winning Video 
There’s a right and a wrong way to create a professional video resume. Don’t fall on the wrong side.
Consider these ideas:

  • Prewrite Your Script – don’t wing your recording. Write out a script and stick to it. It’s not a smart idea to make up stuff as you record. You’ll end up rambling, and that’s not good.
  • Background Matters – avoid recording outside. Find a professional, quiet setting with a solid color wall for a background.
  • Use Visuals – images and visuals go along way. Instead of telling everything about yourself, edit in some pre-recorded examples of tasks you’re qualified to do.
  • Always Remain Professional– unless you’re applying for a comedian position, avoid jokes. Sarcasm and “You Get Its” are unprofessional turn-offs and a quick way not to get a callback.

Remember, you’re selling yourself, so be mindful of your presentation.

Win in a Video
Traditional resumes work, but video resumes take your qualifications to the next level. Shop around your app store or search engine for the right app or software.

Record a winning video and get the job you want. Want to know more about career and finance? Read our guide for up-to-date information on how to stay ahead of the hiring curve.