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Treatments for breast cancer in Germany

Despite the high level of up-to-date diagnostic equipment, a lot of patients still do not undergo regular check-ups. This is one of the main reasons which do not allow to reduce the number of deaths from cancer significantly. Breast cancer is one of the leading cancer types in women.
Therefore, doctors all over the world are looking for innovative cancer treatment methods. To date, treatments for breast cancer in Germany are recognized as the most effective among all European countries. Moreover, chemotherapy for breast cancer in Germany demonstrates excellent results in women with early stages of breast cancer.


The main causes of breast cancer are still unknown, but the role of genetic predisposition is significant. In most patients, the early stages of breast cancer do not have specific symptoms. That makes it difficult to detect cancer at the early stages. Different people have different symptoms of pathology. These are the most frequent symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Breast or nipple area pain
  • Breast redness and swelling
  • Presence of a palpable tumor
  • Weakness
  • Weight loss

If you have noticed one or more cancer symptoms, you should visit the doctor immediately. Early diagnosis improves treatment success rates and decreases side effects of treatment.

Modern diagnostics

Thanks to the high level of medicine, German clinics have up-to-date equipment for detecting pathology and treating it at all stages. All methods used in German clinics are the safest for patients and have high efficacy. The comprehensive examination allows choosing the best treatment method for each patient. The gold standard of a breast cancer diagnosis today includes:

  1. Ultrasound scanning – allows to examine the breast structure and detect neoplasms with cancer cells and cancer spread areas.
  2. Breast MRI – the most informative method used in advanced cancer. It helps to detect the smallest abnormalities in breast cells at the early stages of the pathological process.
  3. Mammography – low energy X-ray method of examination, which helps doctors to find characteristic neoplasms or microcalcifications.

Advanced cancer treatment

Nowadays, the safest breast cancer treatment methods are used in German clinics. One of the most successful and painless ones is chemotherapy. This method demonstrates perfect results in combination with breast cancer surgery.
Chemotherapy uses medications, which can destroy tumors and their metastases. High doses of drugs are usually introduced intravenously for better treatment effect.
It can also reduce the risk of metastasizing and does not require additional rehabilitation after treatment. So, for many reasons, chemotherapy for breast cancer is considered one of the best options in modern medicine.

Treatment during the lockdown

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, you can undergo high-quality treatment abroad. It’s possible with the help of online medical consultation. Experienced doctors from world-famous hospitals can help you to diagnose and treat your diseases via the Internet.
Patients all around the world can try this modern medical innovation. With remote medical consultation, you don’t need to go to a foreign country for treatment anymore.
You can receive prescriptions online and buy drugs in your native country or receive them via mail. Furthermore, you also receive online medical support, so you shouldn’t worry about your health.

The best option for treatment abroad

If you want to go abroad for cancer treatment and are looking for the best doctors, Germany will be the perfect choice for you. Here you can find up-to-date medical centers with advanced equipment. That guarantees high quality of treatment and reduces risks for your health.
In the last few years, breast cancer treatment in Germany has become more popular due to affordable prices for treatment and high success rates. To facilitate the process of undergoing treatment abroad, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.
With help of Booking Health, you can forget about all your problems during treatment. Booking Health turns treatment into a vacation:

  • Choosing the best hospital for treatment
  • Elaboration of program and assessment of costs before treatment starts.
  • Booking tickets
  • Personal interpreter services
  • Round-the-clock support
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