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TransVault: Proven Email Archive and PST Migration Solutions

The most successful enterprises manage data as their strategic asset. They have complete visibility across operations and interactions with business partners, customers, and other stakeholders. But when businesses encounter technological change brought on by a merger or acquisition, a planned shift to the Cloud, or the obsolescence of their archive or storage solution, they turn to TransVault Software to preserve the accessibility of their business records. Since 2007 TransVault has led the market with its highly specialized email archive migration solutions for the enterprise.
Over 1,200 customers from around the world have relied on the TransVault architecture to protect the integrity of their valuable legacy email data,  ensuring chain-of-custody, faultless eDiscovery and seamless user accessibility-no matter the complexity of the migration, nor the archive platform. TransVault continues to achieve year-over-year growth and its products have become the preferred archive migration solution for global customers in all verticals, especially those with a heavy dependency on data sanctity and regulatory practices.
Guarding the Availability and Integrity of Email Archives
With TransVault, companies can migrate FROM virtually all archiving platforms TO virtually all archiving platforms – Veritas Enterprise Vault (formerly Symantec), Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 are just some of the technologies that TransVault encounters hundreds of times a year. Upgrading existing archives to the latest version of Enterprise Vault, or from EMC EmailXtender to EMC SourceOne (EMC chose to partner with TransVault when they wanted to conduct service upgrades for their entire customer base) are further examples of projects that TransVault excels at.
Furthermore, with TransVault, companies can manage personal archive content by locating, classifying and capturing distributed PST (Personal Storage Table) files and migrating them, or just relevant/response emails within them, to a central location. These types of files are often overlooked by enterprises, but can represent a significant proportion of archived data and get out of hand extremely quickly if left unmanaged. TransVault’s products provide the capability to manage PST files “in-place”, or indeed filter them based on various parameters before migrating only what’s actually needed for business continuity.
Barney Haye, Co-founder & CEO of TransVault, leads the business with a collaborative spirit, keen focus on partner and customer satisfaction, and a passion for advancing data migration. He was instrumental in establishing the archive migration market, as well as championing the ability to drive channel community opportunity by applying professional services to the migration of legacy email. Today, Haye continues to oversee and participate in sales calls and partner briefings, so his team can frequently call on his demonstrable experience gained from being at the helm for a decade.
Prior to TransVault, he established the European distribution channel for the ZANTAZ EAS email archiving product, and has also worked for a number of UK software houses, moving into technical consulting, product management and then later sales.