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TraitWare® : “Secure and Simplify Your Digital Life!”

More than 75% of the data breaches that occur result from issues with stolen usernames and passwords. People are overwhelmed with remembering them and navigating multistep complex logins with secondary security questions, call/text back with codes, etc. TraitWare® eliminates all of these complexities by providing a simple, highly secure, user unique, multifactor login. Traitware® combines a patent pending unique, secure, and non-identifying mathematical processing of user digital personality traits on their phone or tablet with their fingerprint.
Herbert Spencer, the Team Leader behind TraitWare
Herbert Spencer lll, CEO of TraitWare, has a PhD in Physics, started by winning science fairs in junior high school, after graduate school he went on to create new technologies for a Fortune 500 Co. founded EC&C Technologies in 1989 that commercialized a global product for air pollution control, awarded AWMA Sensenbaugh award. Dr. Spencer innovatives and leads the brilliant team of TraitWare.
Security Services Provided
TraitWare® is a smartphone and tablet based dual or triple factor security technology using proprietary server software that eliminates the need for usernames, passwords or PINs for accessing secured resources, applications and websites. TraitWare’s patent pending process authenticates the identity of an end user and certain “digital personality traits” on their smartphone or tablet device, creating a secure, authenticated ‘access token.’
TraitWare® applies to existing mobile app or can be provided in a white label app, to use a resource server to replace current login methods. Using a QR scan, a user can log in on a PC authenticating without a username and a password. TraitWare® is a subscription based per tier of registered users of each resource that integrates TraitWare’s login platform. TraitWare® also provides additional factor login for SSH, Microsoft NPS, Radius or Active Directory servers.
Focusing on a simple user interface that provides login security has kept TraitWare ahead of competitors. TraitWare® differentiates from the competition by way they tie users to their login and the ease of use. TraitWare® eliminates sharing login credentials. TraitWare® logins are done in 3 touches in a few seconds versus 30 or more characters.
Roadblocks Overcome
TraitWare has overcome using usernames and passwords for authentication with their associated complexity, risk and costs while simplifying the authentication process. Choosing to move past products and ideas that did that complicate a users life..
Future Vista
TraitWare is a key to changing the way people and companies access Data. What excites them is that TraitWare can and will secure your digital life.
Suggestions for New Startups
Businesses fail for two primary reasons 1. Poor Technology 2. Insufficient Funding, fill these two areas with key people and adequate funding and you will have a much higher success rate.