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Tradeviz Review: Trading Journey with Them


Unleash the best trader in you. Challenging the boundaries and setting forward new milestones can be quite tricky. But, if we have the right trading platform to guide you, you will be doing pretty well.

Tradeviz is one such platform that packs a punch.
Back by the global clients, they have really proven to be one of the best in the business. The brokerage platform comes along with many features. But one feature that really needs to be talked about is customer support.
Customer support is really very important for any business to survive. A glitch can appear at any point in time, and this is when the customer support team comes into play. A promising customer support team ensures that their availability can resolve the queries.
This is where this brokerage platform is ahead of its competitors.

Let us find out the different types of accounts that you can open here.

Account Types for You

There can be numerous types of accounts that can be opened as per the user requirements.

Depending on your requirements, you can either open a silver, gold, or platinum account.

And each of these accounts comes forward with some great features that make them stand out.

Be it in terms of the leverage or in terms of the swap ratio, and there are awesome discounts available.
If you’re a beginner, you should go ahead with the Silver account type. The major benefit of it lies in the fact that you can get a leverage of 200:1 on your trades.
If you’re looking forward to a cool swap discount, then the gold account type should be the one for you.
The Gold account type is really the one for traders who have been trading for more than five years by now.

Finally comes a Platinum account type which is solely for professional traders.
With add-in features like webinars and technical analysis, it’s one of the coolest account types to have.

Why Is a Dedicated Account Manager Important & How Does Tradeviz Help You?

A dedicated account manager plays a key role in your success. You might be wondering how. There are times when you are not able to access your portfolio button. The account manager can take your place and take trades as desired.
Moreover, what’s interesting is the continuous support and guidance you receive. Account managers are trained to keep an update on every small global event.
This plays a vital role in delivering the best for you.

Gold and platinum account types come along with a dedicated account manager.
We love these services and ensure that you are never losing sight of important cues.

Tradeviz Welcomes You to The World Of Excellent Trades

This is the best trading platform that you can have when it comes to dedication and customer support. If you’re looking forward to embarking on a successful journey in your trading, then you should go ahead and sign up with them right away.
Hurry up, and don’t waste a single moment.

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