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Tracy Lamourie | Founder & Managing Director | Lamourie Media Inc.

Tracy Lamourie: An Admired Trailblazer Empowering the World for Better

The power of media is very impactful. It can drive several transformative changes that are essential for humankind. The voice that media can give a person holds the significant potential to amplify essential messages. Being a long-time advocate on a myriad of critical worldwide issues, Tracy Lamourie is passionate about being a voice for those who most need one.

As the Founder & Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc., Tracy has been at the forefront in getting major media attention to help people. She is an award-winning international publicist working across borders and industries, from major entertainment projects to small businesses.

Let us unveil her impacting journey.

The Immense Rise

Tracy garnered various skillset that ultimately led her to start a business helping other entrepreneurs and creatives build their global brands and reputations for thought leadership as a young advocate for causes she cared about. With no financial resources, no formal backing – nothing more than an internet connection and an old computer in the apartment she rented at the time – and a whole lot of self-belief and willingness to put the work in.

Tracy started working as a freelancer, which quickly led to her first company Lamourie PR, with her husband and business partner, Dave Parkinson. In 2020, they incorporated Lamourie Media. She mentions that in the early days. The biggest challenge was climbing that mountain to prove herself without the five-year degree behind her name, without thousands of dollars to spend in advertising.

After spending all those years of conducting business, COVID hit, and about 80 percent of Tracy’s contracts relating to entertainment, events, and travel were grounded – so she had to pivot to find new clients who needed their messages amplified. She managed to do that very successfully to the point that the last two years have been her best yet from a financial and business growth perspective – even though most of the travel is still grounded!

Build YOUR Brand

In essence, Lamourie Media amplifies the incredible things its clients across industries from the creative to the entrepreneurial to experts of all kinds – are doing and give them a global presence. In terms of values, this truly is a company that grew out of its founders’ values, from learning to write that first press release that led to a 19-year campaign that ultimately freed an innocent man from death row. This experience taught Tracy the value of media attention and how difficult it is for some to make their voices heard without help. She asserts, “Though today we are a for-profit business, we still make the choices about whom we will represent and what kind of messaging we will put into the world with our values at the forefront.”

Becoming a Strong Voice

As the recent winner of the Women of Inspiration award in Media, Tracy heard many affecting words from women she worked with. These women come from all backgrounds, levels of education, and cultures – thanking Tracy for the difference she has made in their lives and businesses by giving them a voice.

Cherishing this remarkable achievement, Tracy says, “I think we have been successful in what we set out to do. Elevate And Celebrate what these incredible people are doing and sharing it with the world. I’ve also heard from many women who tell me that my career trajectory over the last decade, watching me create this company, and seeing the success I am having with it has inspired them to find their own confidence to put their passions forward and work to create lives for themselves out of those passions!”

Keeping Up with Technology

Like most industries, the way Tracy does public and media relations has been changing faster than many can keep up. She believes that technology is the name of the game, from new social platforms to services that connect people with thousands of media contacts and beyond. Keeping up on all that is available can seem like a job in itself but ultimately makes your processes more accessible.

Setting Up For the Next Change

Tracy mentions that the media industry is changing, and it is starting to reach a significant milestone. However, it needs to do more work – continued diverse voices and experiences need to reach the public. Those in the positions of privilege need to continue to do the work to level the playing field.

Tracy states that the world will continue to see the effects of people creating their media and effective forms of expression with the evolution of blogs and podcasts and social platforms like clubhouse. It will get more effective, allowing people to reach their growing audiences and mainstream media responding to and often taking cues from that.

What Lies Ahead

Tracy looks forward to the world opening up for travel again to see herself traveling again.

She says, “I am blessed that I can do most of my work from anywhere and after two years of being mostly locked down travel-wise in cold Canada. I’m looking forward to more trips back to Malta in the Mediterranean: one of her favorite destinations for business and pleasure. She gives a huge shout-out to the incredible BE hotel that I feel like is my second home!).”

Tracy wants to visit the world that aligns with her business. She intends to continue pursuing her and her clients’ goals with the relentless passion that has got her this far!

Bequeathing Excellence

Tracy advises upcoming entrepreneurs aspiring to venture to start their entrepreneurial journey to “Don’t Dream It, Be It.” It is one of her favorite inspirational quotes from the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.