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TR19 Compliance

TR19 Compliance: The Gold Standard in Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

In the bustling environment of a commercial kitchen, cleanliness isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity. Whether it’s a school canteen, a five-star hotel, or a fast-food restaurant, maintaining a hygienic kitchen is crucial for the health and safety of both staff and customers. While regular cleaning services are essential, it’s not always sufficient to meet the stringent standards required in a commercial setting. This is where specialised cleaning protocols come into play.

What is TR19 Compliance?

Among the myriad of standards and guidelines in the cleaning industry, TR19 grease cleaning stands out as the gold standard. Developed by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), TR19 sets the benchmark for best practices in cleaning and maintaining ventilation ducts, extractor fans, and other essential components in commercial kitchens. Adhering to TR19 is not just about ticking off a regulatory box; it’s about ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and safety in your kitchen.

Why is TR19 the Gold Standard?

Regulatory Framework

In the UK, the regulatory landscape for commercial cleaning is both complex and stringent. Among the various guidelines, TR19 Compliance emerges as a comprehensive standard that covers not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’ of cleaning. It provides a detailed framework that outlines the methods, equipment, and frequency of cleaning required to maintain a commercial kitchen at its best.

Safety and Hygiene

When it comes to safety and hygiene, TR19 goes above and beyond. The guidelines are designed to minimise risks associated with fire hazards and bacterial contamination. For instance, the protocols for cleaning extractor fans and kitchen ducting are meticulously crafted to ensure that grease and other flammable residues are thoroughly removed. This level of detail makes TR19 the go-to standard for establishments that prioritise safety, from restaurants and hotels to schools and hospitals.

Key Elements of TR19 Compliance

Extractor Fans and Kitchen Ducting

One of the cornerstones of TR19 Compliance is the meticulous cleaning of extractor fans and kitchen ducting. These components are prone to accumulating grease and other residues, which not only pose a fire risk but also create an environment conducive to bacterial growth. TR19 guidelines specify the methods and frequency for cleaning these elements, ensuring they meet the highest standards of hygiene.

The Role of Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning goes hand in hand with TR19 Compliance. It involves a thorough cleaning of all kitchen areas, including hard-to-reach places that regular cleaning often misses. Deep cleaning is particularly crucial for components like commercial ovens and ventilation systems, where grease and grime can accumulate over time. Adhering to TR19 means incorporating kitchen deep cleaning into your regular maintenance schedule, thereby elevating the overall cleanliness of your commercial kitchen.

TR19 Across Different Sectors


In the high-stakes environment of a restaurant kitchen, TR19 Compliance serves as a badge of excellence. It assures patrons that the establishment prioritises not just the quality of food but also the cleanliness of its preparation environment. For restaurant owners, TR19 also offers a competitive edge, setting them apart in an industry where hygiene ratings can significantly impact business.


Hotels often have large, complex kitchen setups to cater to diverse culinary needs. TR19 Compliance ensures that these expansive kitchens meet uniform standards of cleanliness and safety. It’s not just about passing inspections; it’s about building a reputation for excellence in hospitality.


School kitchens have a unique set of challenges, including the need to serve a large number of meals in a short time frame. TR19 Compliance ensures that these kitchens are not just efficient but also exceptionally clean and safe, contributing to the overall well-being of students.

Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare settings, where hygiene is paramount, TR19 Compliance takes on added significance. It ensures that hospital kitchens meet the rigorous standards required to prevent cross-contamination and safeguard patient health.

Fast Food Chains

The fast-paced environment of fast food kitchens makes them particularly susceptible to grease and grime build-up. TR19 Compliance is essential for maintaining both safety and efficiency, ensuring that these establishments can deliver quick service without compromising on hygiene.

The Science Behind TR19 Compliance

ATP Testing

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing is a rapid testing method used to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces. In the context of TR19, ATP testing can be employed to verify that the cleaning procedures have effectively removed food residues, bacteria, and other microorganisms from kitchen surfaces and equipment. This scientific approach adds a layer of credibility and assurance to the TR19 Compliance process.

Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers play a critical role in the safety of commercial kitchens. They are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire, preventing the spread of flames through the ductwork. TR19 Compliance includes stringent testing of fire dampers to ensure they are in optimal working condition, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the kitchen.

Grease Deposit Measurement

Specialised instruments are used to measure the thickness of grease deposits in ducts and extractors. This data is crucial for assessing fire risk and determining when cleaning is necessary. It adds a quantitative aspect to TR19 Compliance, making it a more robust and reliable standard.

The End Note

TR19 Compliance is more than just a set of guidelines; it’s a comprehensive standard that elevates the safety, hygiene, and operational efficiency of commercial kitchens. From restaurants and hotels to schools, healthcare facilities, and fast-food chains, TR19 has proven its mettle across various sectors. Its stringent requirements, backed by scientific methods like ATP testing and grease deposit measurement, make it the most reliable standard in the industry. In a world where cleanliness is not just a virtue but a necessity, adhering to TR19 Compliance is the surest way to achieve and maintain the highest levels of kitchen hygiene.


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