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Touchtap – Transforming Businesses at a Finger’s Touch

Mobile application development is a mature industry. In order to get traction, today’s companies need to build something robust, user-friendly personalized – and crucial. Increasingly, this involves technologies such as Blockchain, AR, AI and integration with IoT.
Touchtap strives to deliver excellent solutions with integrity and understand and align with its clients. The studio goes into every project as a partner, and gets excited alongside their clients when a milestone is met or an app is launched. Touchtap feels that it’s a game-changing experience to see a client download and use their app for the first time – and love how it’s working.
Touchtap is a native mobile app development agency that provides iOS and Android native app development services for digital startups, creative agencies and businesses. The studio also provides web development and backend development and technical services to support the apps that they build.
It all began with just one person. Touchtap has since expanded its staff to keep up with growing demand for projects across a range of verticals. The studio’s goals and vision remain the same, but its journey has involved learning new processes, tools and technologies to ensure that it remains ahead of the curve around Swift, Android and iOS, as well as the standards set by Apple and Google.
Providing Matchless Customer Experience
Touchtap emphasizes quality of experience – whether that’s related to client communications, tech support or the actual delivery of a project. Consumers expect a personalized, tailored experience that meets their needs and delivers true value. Touchtap’s aim is always to deliver more than expected.
Unique to the Touchtap experience is a discovery service offered separately to its development services. Over multiple sessions Touchtap staff learnt what the client is trying to build, along with any business goals. This approach makes sure that Touchtap and the client are both on the same page, while also giving new clients an insight into the studio’s process. Touchtap knows how important it is to understand its clients’ business goals, aims and vision, which is why the studio steps up as partners – not just as contractors. This greatly informs the studio’s development process, as well as how it scopes and budgets a project.
Client feedback consistently touches on a couple of key points. The first is Touchtap’s strategic partner approach. The studio aims to truly understand its clients’ business goals and needs rather than just spinning up code. The second is its emphasis on positive user experience. By doing this kind of work upfront, the studio delivers outcomes that truly meet a client’s needs – and will be valuable not just now, but in the future as well.
Challenges and Achievements on the Road to Success
Touchtap looks beyond today, and always has a vision for the future. The studio considers a project’s needs in the future – and the kinds of support, maintenance and future development that will be needed. This ‘roadmap’ allows it to design efficient and effective results. Since inception, the studio has built and deployed numerous apps and platforms across the whole gamut of verticals, and has grown into a multi-member, fully distributed team.
Adroit Leadership
Touchtap benefits from leadership by Noah Labhart, the Founder and Owner of the company. Prior to starting Touchtap, Noah had spent about 12 years working in software development for companies spanning small start-ups to large corporations. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, he knew the difference that a flexible, personalized approach could make. He earned experience in roles from IT support to development, and this has given him insight into what’s needed at the macro and micro levels of a business. This experience has informed the company’s internal processes, their client communications and strategic positioning. Touchtap’s first year was exciting yet challenging, as Noah was wearing many hats simultaneously. He has a passion for crafting solutions to life. He has a passion for bringing solutions to life, which he has furthered by designing and developing mobile solutions that really impact the world, applying development best practices, methodologies and source control.
Heading Confidently towards a Bright Future
Touchtap is proceeding confidently towards accomplishing its goals by overcoming challenges and obstacles. That vision hasn’t changed – but it has evolved. The studio’s goal has always been to create beautiful, quality app experiences that users want to return to day in, day out. Touchtap will keep doing that by growing its team, its capacity and its partnerships. It’s doubled its growth in the past year, and intends to keep that trajectory going. Touchtap is especially excited about working with digital start-ups or digital arms of existing companies – and hopes to continue working in that space.
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