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Touchless Biometric Systems: The New Benchmark in Biometrics

In the world we are living in today, security technology has made it possible for millions of people to use biometrics to access their smartphones. Users are granted access after biometric verification. With the increasing recognition capability and security of biometrics, one might think it already viable to apply the same technology to a wider practice, such as in banking. However, this is more complicated than a smartphone, which recognizes one specific person. An ATM for instance, does not belong to one individual, and has to recognize the user among all clients of the bank. While the former is called “verification” or “one-to-one” recognition (individual user), the latter is an “identification” or “one-to-many” recognition (large pool of users). Biometrics in an ATM would need to identify the particular user among possibly millions of others, which is a far more difficult and also a noticeably slower process. Although today we still need an additional token for double identification (credit card + fingerprint) to be fast and secure enough, one day soon biometrics might allow identification of masses without additional card or pin token.
Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is a one-stop-shop biometric solutions provider that solves Access Control and Time and Attendance needs. The Swiss company has created the widest platform of distinct but interoperable technologies. TBS offers complete biometric solutions for public and private security, such as government, enterprises of all sizes, institutional applications or residential buildings. Depending on their needs, the customers could have 5 doors with 5 different TBS technologies in their company or home, all working seamlessly as a single unique solution. This customized approach is how TBS can guarantee unmatched performance levels.
A Step towards a Thousand Miles
Started from a groundbreaking, hygienic three-dimensional touch-less identification idea, Touchless Biometric Systems was founded in 2003 in the land of heaven Switzerland and initiated to transform the idea with innovative executions.  Today, the company proudly stands as one of the admired market leaders in Switzerland and manages a reseller network of over 100 security companies across the globe. Honeywell, Kaba, and Siemens along with Nedap and Lenel are among many system integrators they are partnering with.
The 3D Touchless Fingerprint Technology, their foremost product, is worldwide unique. The three-dimensional and contact-free sensor technology captures the highest possible quantity of fingerprint details, guaranteeing significantly higher security than any other biometric system. This contact-free solution best addresses the higher risk markets, larger user groups or hygienically sensitive applications.
By the end of 2017, TBS will have the broadest and most versatile range of biometric technologies in the world (3D Touchless, 2D Optical, 2D+ Multispectral, 2D Eye, 2D Portable, heavy duty and more). What differentiates TBS from other similar companies is that they offer advice and provide the most adapted solution for the customers rather than just selling biometrics. The company can offer every flavor of technology, which allows them to give an unbiased and educated counsel, making them an asset to their customers.
Great Services Make Happy Customers
Each and every product of the company portfolio is deliberately Swiss made, ensuring maximum quality and reliability. Their belief in simplicity, beauty, and collaborations has been reflected on the sense of elegance and user-friendliness of their solutions, which attract their valuable customers most. It is also perceptible in their utmost care to deliver functional designer products to improve everyday life interactions and encourage teamwork.
TBS stands on their customers’ side. They are highly dedicated in giving their customers suitable advices, and a lifetime support. They even have made it possible to collaborate with outstanding third party biometrics, known as TBS Ecosystem solutions. This is how far TBS has taken the idea of cooperation to benefit their customers, which also has allowed them to become a trusted partner for security consultants that seek an objective insight into this fast evolving field.
A Leader, Not Just a Boss
Alex Zarrabi, CEO of TBS, graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology- EPFL in Telecommunications Engineering. He completed General Management at Harvard Business School. He also holds degrees in Superior Mathematics, Distributed Systems and Satellite Networks.
Prior to TBS, he had been leading businesses as General Manager at IndigoVision and CEO at Alpine DMCC/Switzerland. TBS has been rewarded with numerous prizes and distinctions, and is now being recognized as most innovative.
Alex Zarrabi firmly believes that togetherness is what makes TBS more innovative. TBS is quintessentially about the team’s “collective genius” and shared passion for beauty and simplicity. He says, “Our story is a testimony to the fact that beautiful things in life are achieved through cooperation”.
Key Attributes that Keep TBS Moving
Globally, there is a constant trend in biometric technology: due to the variety of human characteristics, biometrics has diverse relevance depending on demography, physiological or environmental conditions. Many technologies have come with their claims, only to reveal their limitations after a few years of field experience.
TBS has a committed delivery team, along with experienced and supportive investors, who bestow the company’s disruptive ideas the time to be tested, improved and implemented. Their backers understand that innovation means improving on failures in order to reach success, and this vision has brought TBS to be where they are today.
Transforming Dreams into Reality
Following the recent release of TBS 2D Portable, the company will soon launch 2 new products (an advanced iris and a heavy duty reader). It will arguably make TBS, despite its young age and footprint, the number one technology provider in the biometric world. Also equipped with cloud-based biometrics as a service, they have substantial growth latitude and commercial opportunities to explore. TBS has been consistently delivering distinguished technologies during the past years, gaining the status of innovation benchmark in biometrics.

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