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Mohamed Bakhit | CEO | TAD-Total Facilities Management

Total Facilities Management: Enhancing Corporate Achievement via Thorough Facilities Administration

Reconceptualizing the Standards of Distinction in the Commercial Terrain of Eastern Africa!

There are numerous aspects to consider and duties to complete when running a business. It can be difficult to keep up with everything on your own, from ensuring that your facilities are working at top efficiency to managing the day-to-day operations of your workforce.

Fortunately, organizations like TAD specializes in offering comprehensive facilities management services to businesses throughout Eastern Africa. Tad has been committed to providing a wide range of products geared to help businesses grow and thrive since its inception in 2015.

TAD, based in the bustling city of Khartoum, Sudan, has altered the facilities management scene via its constant commitment to excellence. Over the last four years, the company has significantly extended its activities, acquiring a reputation as one of the most recognized facilities management providers in Eastern Africa.

With a dynamic team of over a thousand dedicated professionals, TAD has collaborated with renowned national and international organizations operating in the region. Notable partnerships include industry giants such as Ericsson, Zain, Bank of Khartoum, United Capital Bank, Dal Food, various NGOs, and several embassies. These alliances have enabled TAD to establish itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking top-tier facilities management solutions.

TAD’s success lies in its razor-sharp focus on commercial real estate. The company specializes in understanding and meeting the unique requirements of businesses, corporations, and companies seeking tailored spaces that align perfectly with their needs. Leveraging the latest advancements in computer-aided facilities management software, TAD employs CAFMTEK from HITEK to develop and deliver customized service-level agreements that consistently exceed client expectations.

The comprehensive suite of services offered by TAD covers both hard and soft facilities management aspects. From ensuring the smooth operation of essential systems and infrastructure to providing impeccable support in areas such as security, cleaning, landscaping, and more, it leaves no stone unturned in delivering top-quality services.

Under the transformative leadership of CEO Mohamed Bakhit, and COO Osama Osman, TAD has achieved remarkable milestones and garnered numerous accolades. Bakhit’s strategic vision, combined with his passion for excellence, has propelled TAD to the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for facilities management in Eastern Africa.

Let us delve more profoundly into their odyssey of triumph and eminence!

Unique Mission and Standout Approach

Since its establishment, TAD has developed a clear vision that centers around becoming a highly respected and sophisticated organization in the region, offering intelligent, sustainable, and top-tier services throughout Eastern Africa. Throughout their journey, they have demonstrated an impressive track record of successfully executing their plans in Sudan, and are now expanding into new markets in Egypt and South Sudan. With a team of over 1500 well-trained full-time employees and cutting-edge computer-aided facilities management software (CAFM System), they are able to effectively integrate people, places, and processes through technology. Their business model has proven to be a resounding success, meeting and exceeding their client’s expectations while remaining flexible and responsive in implementing continuous improvement and corrective actions for each and every contract.

Tailoring Services to Perfection

Prior to initiating any contact, the team ensures that they comprehend the client’s needs and expectations by conducting thorough research using appropriate questionnaires for each department. The managers of these departments are given the freedom to outline their requirements, expectations, boundaries, and concerns. This information is then used to shape the service delivery model that is specifically tailored to meet the aforementioned concerns. This plan is clearly exhibited in the cleaning and Planned Preventive Maintenance plans, whereby all requirements are incorporated into the system. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established for the contract, and an escalation matrix is developed to address any inconveniences or problems that may arise. The team also conducts a quarterly satisfaction survey through their QHSE department to evaluate customer satisfaction and make necessary improvements to their service delivery model.

Identifying and Resolving Maintenance

For new contracts, it’s crucial to start by logging in their PPM and cleaning plans. This requires capturing and coding all assets and locations. Scheduled tasks and PPM make up a significant portion (80%) of facility management service workloads. By performing this service correctly using the right tools, people, and timing, service providers can reduce asset breakdowns and complaints from unsatisfied customers, which is their main focus. Additionally, they establish clear communication channels with their customers for any adhoc activities, such as AC breakdowns or flooding. An agreed-upon response time for each type of problem is then established based on customer requirements. This is what they call reactive maintenance tasks for hard service or requested activities for soft service. Response time is measured in three different categories: attend time, contain time, and fix time. All types of times are agreed upon, and this is part of the SLA and KPIs of the contract. Implementing this methodology will improve the level of service and the relationship between the service provider and the customer, transforming it from a vendor management scheme to a true partnership. This belief in a successful partnership approach is the essence of this business, as facilities management service requires this kind of relationship to be robust and successful.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Their belief in technology and its ROI drives them to adopt smart solutions. By transitioning from a blind approach to 360-degree visibility, they aim to become pioneers in FM. Similarly, switching from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance with the help of IoT and smart systems will position them as industry leaders. To achieve these goals, they have invested in a technology department and hired the right personnel since January 2022. The team has been diligently developing solutions to service delivery problems, evaluating pros and cons, and presenting smart solutions. For instance, they have implemented an attendance system, logistic system using GPS for all their vehicles, CAFM system for hard and soft FM real-time approach, and IoT sensors to monitor critical assets such as temperature in data centers, diesel levels in gensets, vibration in critical elevators, humidity in server rooms, water levels in office buildings, etc. This has enabled them to access critical information on time, allowing their teams to tackle issues before they escalate.

Conquering the Impossible

The team is in charge of managing a data center for one of Sudan’s most respected banks. This center allows Sudanese citizens to transfer money to each other, receive their salaries, pay for groceries and car maintenance, and even purchase bus tickets to escape war zones and reach safe areas within the country or neighboring nations. Bakhit is certain that keeping this software running has benefitted many families and individuals during these challenging times. Their engineers and technicians face questioning and threats at many checkpoints while traveling to and from the center.

Performance Evaluation

TAD has an internal QHSE department that adheres to the ISO 41001 guidelines to ensure customer satisfaction and standard-compliant service delivery. Additionally, through their in-house training center, they provide timely theoretical and practical education on new technologies to their supervisors and facility managers. Its continuous service audit and implementation of corrective actions from lessons learned are part of its ongoing process.

Transforming Facility Management

The service delivery model offered by this company includes monthly logging of energy consumption data. They also conduct regular energy audits and inform customers about Phase One, which involves voluntary energy savings without any investment. One effective measure that has saved customers up to 25% on their bills is switching off lights and AC after hours and on weekends. Furthermore, the company has partnered with Sudan Zero Waste Organization and jointly started providing waste segregation and proper disposal services. This includes specialized recycling of plastic, metal, and paper, all done in accordance with environmentally friendly practices.

Exclusive Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs

The field of Facilities Management has transformed into a recognized profession. However, there is a significant gap in the market when it comes to service providers and the quality of service delivery. To succeed as a newcomer, emphasis should be placed on individual skill-building and capacity development. This is due to the fact that employees are the most valuable assets in the industry. Additionally, creating a culture that values and develops individuals is essential to long-term success.

Guide to the Future Growth

As a consequence of the conflict that erupted in Sudan on April 15th, 2023, the operations of the company in the country have been severely impacted. However, a silver lining is that they had already embarked on a new venture in Egypt in 2022. The primary objective now is to enhance their presence in the Egyptian market by promoting FM. Moreover, the company has ambitious plans to broaden its reach in the near future by expanding into the UK, South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Industry Leaders and Satisfied Clients

  • The Middle East Facilities Management Association has recognized their efforts in facilities management twice by nominating them for their initiatives.
  • In 2021, the Sudan Facilities Management Association was established and hosted by them.
  • In 2019, Build recognized them as the top Facilities Management Company in Eastern Africa.
  • In January 2022, ISO 41001 Certification for Facilities Management was bestowed upon them, and in January 2023, they successfully underwent a Surveillance Audit. They were one of the earliest companies in the area to achieve this certification.
  • In Eastern Africa, this company stands alone as the sole proprietor of an in-house training center, complete with a theoretical and practical laboratory designed in conjunction with their German partners, Kiehl. Recently, they have initiated a project with TVET UK to expand upon their already impressive offerings. Over the past five years, this training center has certified and graduated over 10,000 personnel, many of whom are Internal Displaced People (IDPs) who were forced to flee their homes due to regional conflicts.
  • The company has recently launched a Smart FM solution, utilizing top-notch CAFMTEK technology and an integrated IOT module to remotely monitor important assets for their clients. The pilot program was a great success. Additionally, they have entered into an MOU with HITEK to facilitate the automation of FM services for stakeholders.