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Top Tips to Improve your Local SEO Performance 

Local SEO helps your business reach ready-to-shop users in a specific city or local area. It targets engaged customers who are searching for things “near me” and puts your products in front of them.

If you’re looking for local SEO performance tips, there are various local SEO strategies you can employ to grow your business; start with well-written, useful content, combined with a website that is easy to use and appealing and then add in a backlinking strategy for best results.

One of the top tips for improving your business’ local SEO performance is engaging a professional SEO agency for support – there’s a lot involved with local SEO and relying on a team of experts will help you get results.

Make your content top-notch 

Google’s algorithm updates have recently focused heavily on providing users with relevant and useful content, and weeding out spammy SEO practices. One of the best ways to get your website ranking high, is to curate content that is useful to your audience, written by humans for humans and that is SEO optimized.

Along with content that is relevant to your niche or specific business, your content needs to be localized to your local area. This might be writing in a native language or including information that is specific to a certain region. This should also include having local landing pages for each of your businesses locations.

Have a user friendly, beautiful website 

The various strategies you can employ for local SEO are all interdependent. Take for example, user experience. Having a website that is user friendly – that loads quickly, is easy to navigate – will help your ranking, which means more people will land on your site.

But a good user experience will also help keep your customers there, and lead them to purchase from you.

For local SEO and for happy customers, a user friendly, beautiful website is a non-negotiable.

Build a back link strategy 

Authority is essential to ranking high on search engine results page. How does Google measure your website’s authority? By seeing what people are saying about you online – Google’s algorithm checks how many websites reference yours via links.

The more links you have from trustworthy sites, the higher you will appear in the search results. These are called backlinks and building a backlinking strategy is a sure fire way to improve your local SEO ranking.

It’s essential that the backlinks your website has are from legitimate sources. A successful local SEO link building process involves investing in high-quality links with longevity.

If you decide to short cut this, and buy or create spammy links you will be penalized by the algorithm and you will find yourself disappearing from search engine results pages. In one of Google’s most recent updates they improved their targeting of spammy links, that inauthentically build a website’s authority.

Leave it to the experts 

Google’s algorithm is constantly updating – up to five hundred times a year. While it’s important to understand the basics of SEO, it’s almost impossible to keep on top of changes to the algorithm unless it’s your full time job.

This is why you should engage a professional SEO agency, like Perfect Link Building, who monitor, analyze and dissect Google’s algorithm updates and use this information to create and implement an effective local SEO strategy for your business. Learn more about Perfect Link Building and how they can help your business grow.