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Top Tips for Speeding Up Trivial Tasks So You Can Focus on What Matters

Top Tips for Speeding Up Trivial Tasks

We all have many trivial tasks in our working day that seem to take up far too much time. You will most likely have a set of jobs tasks that you need to start work on that actually matter to your workday, but it can seem like the trivial tasks take up too much time. Here are some of the ways you can spend them up so you can spend your time focusing on what truly matters.

  • Identify Unnecessary Tasks

Think that some of the things you are currently doing are completely necessary? It might be high time that you sat down and evaluated their necessity within the company. Though it can be annoying to discover, it might be completely possible to cut out a vast swathe of tasks that actually serve little-to-no purpose in the overall organisation.
Of course, you will still need to find ways to cover them again. You might need to find some new programs and other sources. Sometimes it could be as simple as redefining roles and handing over these tasks to another colleague. However, if you deem them unnecessary to your working day, you need to make sure that they are moved on to you.
We spend far too much of our working days focused on tasks that have very little to do with our actual working days, and it is high time that we changed that. The first step will always be to find what these tasks are. Only then can we begin to look for some of the solutions that could fix them.

  • Find Ways to Properly Cut Corners

There are so many ways to cut corners that would be ineffective and would just result in a worse job done overall. This is not what you should be doing here. Instead, you need to focus on what you precisely need to do for each task. There is a strong chance that you will be able to cut a corner here or there that will not impact the quality of the task but will free up some time for you.
For example, many of us feel like we get bogged down in our emails. Whether we are answering things or trying to send out multiple emails at once, it can be difficult to know precisely how to cut corners. A great option is Cakemail-an email marketing service that helps you engage your audience and grow your business. You could also set up filters and other nets to ensure that only the most important emails reach you. This can be risky as something important might not make it through, but it can also potentially cut down on a lot of the day-to-day spam you may receive.

  • Automate Processes

Artificial intelligence has come a long way, and you may be surprised to learn about some of the applications it can have in business. Most crucially, it can be used to automate some trivial tasks, so a member of staff does not have to check up on them constantly. Instead, that staff member will be able to go about their day as usual and divert their attention where it is needed most.
One key example that can be used here is in a chat function. Many businesses offer some sort of live chat on their website for customers to interact with. It can be used to ask questions about the products or make inquiries about deliveries; just some of the many applications it could have. By automating this process, customers could potentially get the answer they need without ever having to speak to a real representative. This is incredibly important as it means that the customers will have simpler queries solved, while the customer service team can instead focus their attentions on helping people who actually might need it more.

  • Practice Focus

Could the issue be your own working habits? Many of us unintentionally develop bad habits that could end up getting in the way of actually being able to complete our jobs to the best of our abilities. We could incessantly chat to co-workers or could become distracted by social media. All of this can easily lead to not being able to wholly focus on our work. However, this then makes it obvious that the problem is not the workload itself but our inherent attitude to it.
If you think this is the case with you, you need to find some new techniques that could help to address the issues that you are having. For example, you could try to retrain yourself so you are working in quick bursts instead of one long period. Work for twenty minutes, grab a quick break, then repeat. It could be something as simple as going for a drink of water or a quick lap of the office; just something you need to do to reset your brain.
You could also look at things that you can do externally that could have an impact on your day at work. For example, if you feel like you never manage to unwind from a day of work, you need to change this. Consider trying meditation or some exercise after work, and make sure you regularly engage in other forms of self-care. If you keep good care of yourself outside of the office, this will only have positive repercussions when it comes to your attitude inside and your ability to work.

  • Make Changes Today

The world of work can be complex and you can often find yourself wondering why you specifically have been asked to work on a task. Though it can seem frustrating, you need to make sure that you are putting as much effort as you possibly can into everything you do at work.
Take a look at your current workload and ask yourself if there is a better way it can be handled. Whether you reorganise your tasks or look internally to find some flaw in your working habits, you can bet that there will be a way to do it.

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