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Top tech trends to watch in 2017 and near future

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What’s next? The tagline you might have heard many times. Also, this question pops up in your mind every time you experience technological advancements. The technical terms such as smart homes, intelligent things, and virtual reality sound unusual and interesting at the same time. Every year tech trends push the limits of our thoughts about technology. The influence of technology is not confined only to tech people. Whereas, common people and small businesses form a large fraction of audience of tech trends for they get direct impact. Here are some latest technology terms that promise to be disruptive and dominating in the near future.

  1. AI and machine learning

There is nothing new in the terms AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), but the advancements of these technologies trends will reach the new heights and bridge the gap between machines and the human brain in upcoming years. Whether it is hospital equipment or banking system, this technology will make every device process like a neural network in our brain. The algorithms developed in such devices will be able to understand, learn, predict, adapt, and operate autonomously.

  1. Intelligent apps

This is what every business should know about. Intelligent apps can be perceived as virtual personal assistants (VPAs) that evolve the way your workplace process. For instance, prioritizing emails and specifying interactions of high importance will help in more effective communication. The technology is powered by analytics tools, AI, and big data in its arsenal.

  1. VR and AR

In digital transformation, it is all about user experience. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) provide an immersive environment where a user can interact with others and the software systems. VR can be implemented for training purposes and remote experiences, while AR allows businesses to connect the real and virtual world such as overlaying graphics on to real-world objects.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots can give your business a whirl. There is no doubt that the number of smartphone users will increase this year and consequently the number of business bots. This technology shows great potential to meet the demands of businesses such as customer retention.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain involves information security techniques. It is a type of distributed database in which transaction information (Bitcoin or other tokens) is sequentially grouped into blocks. This technology trends increases trust and transparency in business transactions and protects tampering of data.

  1. Cloud migration

Adoption of cloud technology will remain trending. Small businesses are migrating to the cloud as they come to know the benefits such as increased productivity, enhanced collaboration, managed operations, and reduced cost of hosting.
The year 2017 will lead last year’s technologies trends to mainstream and will take a deeper dive to make you astonished. Such technologies are data science, IoT, cyber security, and automation. Some newer terms in the digital transformation you will hear are digital twins, mesh app, adaptive security, fog computing, and XaaS (anything as a service). This year you will become surrounded not only by the smaller tech products in your home but also by the smarter technologies wherever you go.

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-Dipesh Choubisa