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Top Female Founded Startups

According to Statista, only 20% of all new startups are founded and led by women. Even though we live in a society that offers equal opportunities to all, men lead the most successful businesses. However, females are also good at entrepreneurship. They founded great startups that attracted a lot of investment. Let’s dive to discover more about businesses that women established.
In most cases, startups in the IT niche are founded by men. However, this one is a mind-blowing exception. Mondoo is a fast-growing company that Soo Choi-Andrews established. It was founded in 2020. However, it has already attracted the attention of top companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and others. All the companies have funded the startup. Overall, the founder could raise $15 million that gets invested into the company’s development.
The startup was launched in the cybersecurity niche. These days, there are a lot of complaints regarding online security. Therefore, almost all startups in the niche are welcomed. However, the Mondoo company has released a unique solution for DevOps teams that helped it become the most successful startup in the niche. The product helps teams work more efficiently online. Also, the solution is dedicated to privacy, which is crucial for all companies.
These days, the company is planning to spend the gathered money to attract new specialists. They are looking for software engineers and security specialists who didn’t read the essay services review at college. The company is looking for gifted experts in different niches who are not afraid to tackle different challenges to scale up the product.
The modern world goes online fast. Most retailers start selling on the Internet because the e-commerce niche grows at a high pace. But, unfortunately, it’s not effortless to start selling online because all the commodities have to be delivered to customers. For both large enterprises and small companies, shipping is a nightmare.
The Shippo company came with a great solution. It was founded by Laura Behrens Wu in 2013. The team worked hard to develop a reliable and easy-to-use solution that helps e-commerce platforms get rid of stress.
Using the API offered by the company, they can easily integrate the solution to their e-stores. It helps dozens of thousands of businesses to ship products to customers seamlessly. In addition, Shippo helps compare rates of different carriers and offers the most affordable or effective ways to deliver products.
Moreover, the service offers assistance in sending commodities all around the globe, which is a tough task for retailers. They also offer a ton of helpful services to simplify shipping processes. The dedication to problem-solving and a successful business model helped Shippo to gain a lot of investments.
May Mobility
Even though there are a lot of complaints regarding autonomous cars, it’s an undeniable fact that the vehicles of the future will be driverless. May Mobility is one of the most successful startups that develop self-driving autos. They are focused on developing driverless cars for enterprises and municipal customers. Their products can help corporations and governments make transportation more efficient and safe.
Alisyn Malek and two other co-founders founded the startup. Alisyn has hands-on working experience in GM. The founder is a tech-savvy expert who didn’t read the My Math Genius reviews while studying in college. She always managed to solve complicated problems by herself.
The blend of experience, technical skills, and business-oriented mindset helped her quickly build the minimal value product. In essence, she managed to attract a lot of investors who contributed to the startup’s growth.
These days, the company’s specialists are working hard on developing and testing sensors that can be installed on cars to make them driverless. It’s a complicated process that needs to invest a sustainable amount of time and effort. However, the startup is on its way to success.
Glossier is a brand that has turned into a professional and well-recognized beauty-brand fast. Emily Weiss founded it in 2014. The startup managed to acquire roughly $2 million of seed investments. The money was spent wisely, which helped the business to grow fast. Consequently, it became an attractive startup for investors who helped the company grow fast.
The startup is focused on selling skincare and beauty products. All the products are designed by the company and have a lot of unique peculiarities. However, the niche is very competitive, and there are a lot of skincare products already presented on the market. So what is the secret of the startup’s success?
The Glossier founder, Emily Weiss, started as a beauty blogger. Also, she worked as a fashion assistant at Vogue. Since she had vast experience creating great makeups, she decided to launch only four own products online. However, the products appeared to become successful fast, so it was decided to develop the business. With the help of professional venture capitalists, Weiss managed to create a unicorn company in the beauty and skincare niche.