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Top Business Simulation Online Games for Kids

It is no secret that people learn best when having fun. Latin America’s specialty retailer Grupo Elektra was having trouble training its staff. After introducing Elektra Transformacion, a first-person seller online games, into the training, this all turned around.

The game lets the company’s employees improve their customer service while competing with their colleagues for virtual awards.
If simulation games can help adults, imagine what they could do for kids. Online games are the perfect way to introduce budding kidpreneurs to the world of business without the actual risk and hard work associated with running a real-life venture. Regardless of your child’s level of business understanding, these three interactive simulation games will put them on the right track.
Lemonade Stand
An oldie but a goodie, Lemonade Stand requires Online Games kids to make as much money they can in the span of a month. After opening their lemonade stand, kids get to choose what aspects of their business they will spend their money on first. They get to decide how much will be spent on advertising, how many supplies they will purchase, how many glasses of lemonade they will make per day, and how much each one will cost.
But this is not all. Kids also have to factor in external conditions into their Online Games -play, such as the weather, points out Eric Johnson from EducalinkApp. “This shows them that the demand for a product can change depending on an aspect they are unable to control. In the case of the weather, the demand for lemonade will be greater when it’s hot and fall when it gets colder. It’s up to them to look at what worked and what didn’t on a particular day and tweak the parameters of their business to make profit the following day,” he states.
The aim of Zapitalism is to develop a small store into a shopping giant. The game pits six business owners (your child can play against the computer) against each other, with the first one to make 5,000,000 zables crowned the winner. There are various types of companies to choose from at the beginning of the game. Each player starts with 50,000 zables, which they can use to purchase stock, market their products and pay their employees.
Some of the game’s other features include the ability to take out a loan with interest and check out what is on the shelves of your opponents. Your kids can also compete to obtain building permits to expand their business and be audited if they do not pay taxes each ten-game week.
Marty Raygun’s Fistful of Dollars
In this game, children are at the helm of the firm Galactic Zappers. The game’s objective is to keep their business afloat while making as much profit as possible. Some tasks at hand include paying rent and electricity to keep things running and accepting and rejecting supply orders, which can be paid for in either cash or credit. Your kids will also need to decide what kind of customers they are willing to do business with and whether they are happy to sell them goods on credit.

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