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Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business

Packaging is the selling point of any product. Customers are attracted to the external appearance of a product before they get to use it. Therefore, any wise business person should ensure that they use the best packaging possible for their products. This applies to the service industries too.

For instance, the outside appearance of your hotel room will determine if you will get clients or not. People like fancy and luxurious appearances; as a retail business owner, this can work tremendously in your favor.

How To Package Your Products

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail BusinessAs we have already mentioned, the kind of packaging you use for your products will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Ensure that your packaging is unique to your brand and cannot be stolen by any other entity. You can also look for some custom printed boxes as your packaging, as they look unique and attractive.

Let us have a look at some of the ways you can package your products to stand out from the crowd.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

In today’s world, everyone has their focus on environmental conservation. Big and small corporations have opted to go green by working with retailers who share their ideologies on preserving mother nature. In order to attract business from individual clients and big companies, it is important for you to use eco-friendly packaging solutions.
Examples of eco-friendly packaging materials include plant-based packages, cardboard and paper, and recyclable plastic materials. This kind of packaging is also easy to use and can be easily printed and branded accordingly.

Make Fun Packaging

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business
Fun packaging includes the use of bright colors and fun package shapes. Most business owners assume that fun packaging should also be used for kids’ products, but this should not be the case. Adults also like to have a little fun and appreciate such kinds of packaging. People often go for such packages when they are looking to gift others.

Utilize Custom-Made Packaging

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business

Make your customers feel special by engraving their names on their packages. When a client makes a lunch order, surprise them by writing a special message for them on the packages, such as ‘bon appetit’ or ‘I appreciate you.’ This will enable you to maintain your existing customers and gain new ones.
However, you cannot pull off such packaging if you do not talk to your clients and listen to their needs. A good relationship with your customers is necessary for them to be able to open up to you. If a client tells you that the fancy perfume they are buying is a gift for a special one, ask them the name of the person they are gifting and use one of the best perfume bottle boxes for their package, with a special message on the box.

Label Your Packaging Accordingly

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business
Make sure that your package contains all the information pertaining to the product. This way, you are able to provide all the details, which include product name and description, date of manufacturing and expiry, how to use the product, and the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Your clients, especially online clients, will appreciate this information.
The kind of labeling you use for your packaging can also capture the attention of potential clients. In addition to the product details, a package should include your business name, and you can include a catchy slogan on your package that can be used for marketing and brand promotion.

Use the Right Size of Packaging

Many of us have fallen victim to overestimating the size of a product due to the size of the packaging. Most clients who issue complaints about the size of a product do so because they feel like they were deceived by the size of the package. This is not to say that clients appreciate squeezed packaging whatsoever. It is advisable to use the right size of packaging for a product, not too big to occupy a lot of extra space and not too small either.

Surprise Your Clients

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business
Every once in a while, surprise your clients with a small gift in your packaging. A good way to do this is by including a message on the box such as’ scratch here to reveal your reward.’ This will pique your clients’ interest and will add to the fun in the packaging. Include smaller versions of the product in your packaging as a giveaway to your customers. You can also include gifts such as phone cases for mobile phone packages.

Use Secure and Durable Packaging

Top 7 Product Packaging Ideas for Your Startup Retail Business
When fragile packaging products, use strong packaging that will not break or fall apart while being handled. Such items include food products that require packages that will maintain their freshness throughout. Ensure that you properly secure your packages in order to prevent them from being stolen during the sale process. Customers do not appreciate receiving damaged goods, and they will always give bad reviews about your business.


In business, we learn new ideas every day. Packaging has been in existence since the beginning of time, but it has evolved over the years. The only way to make it in the retail industry is to keep an open mind and go with the times. You should also be willing to learn from other business people, and the best way to do this is to attend business events and forums such as trade shows. You can acquire trade show displays in Las Vegas from Apus Expo.