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Top 5 Women Leaders In IT Security

The number of women in IT security is increasing every year. From entry-level to risk executives, they have become all-pervasive. Female leaders are constantly innovating this realm. Many of them are masterminds behind effective security services and products.

Cyber security is crucial as it protects all kinds of data against theft and loss. Today, one of the most pressing threats occurs with streaming services. From phishing scams to malware attacks, watching content online can prove risky.

Women of today are working to make this and other aspects of digital security safer. From cyber defense to corporate governance, women have contributed in many areas. Find out the achievements of the top five extraordinary females in this domain.

  1. Chani Simms

Chani Simms is an information systems security professional. She is an award-winning cybersecurity leader and the co-founder of the Meta Defence Labs, UK. Meta Defence Labs offers many security services to businesses. Her company helps them build an effective Information Security Management Program.

The company also assists businesses with an environment virtualization. It ensures safe access anywhere, with any device, irrespective of the time. Simm’s company has garnered global acclaim. The continuous progress has helped it expand to various South Asian communities. Chani began her career by implementing IT infrastructure solutions for MNCs. Today, she is a renowned specialist in this domain. She helps firms understand, enforce, and manage information security needs. She is also a lead speaker in the security domain.

  1. Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari is a security researcher at Tel Aviv University. She harbored the ambition of becoming an ethical hacker since the age of 14. Today, she is the co-founder of BSidesTLV. This is an annual conference attended by prominent security researchers and hackers. She urges people to read articles on emerging cyber threats. She is also the co-founder of Leading Cyber Ladies (2015). This is the sole event for honoring women in cyber security in Israel.

In one of her interviews, she said that we cannot rely on tech providers to protect our personal data. People need to adapt quickly to shield themselves from becoming a victim of cyberattacks. What she says is quite valuable for modern streamers using live TV and streaming services, such as IPTV and OTT media.

Although IPTV services let you watch live content from various streaming services, many providers source videos from unlicensed distributors. This increases the risk of being hacked. Streamers can seamlessly learn about IPTV security at, and the role of a VPN in making streaming safer and more private. Using a Firewall and setting up two-factor authentication are other good ways to protect yourself online.

Taking a cue from Elazari’s statements, educating yourself on the best measures to prevent cyber attacks is crucial. According to Elazari, if we don’t learn and adapt to changes, we’re more likely to be targeted by online attacks. So, it’s important to educate ourselves to stay safe.

  1. Bonnie Butlin

Bonnie Butlin is known as Canada’s First Lady of Security. She is an award-winning expert in security. She is also the founder of the Security Partners’ Forum. This is a unique, agile global network of security professionals in NATO. She also developed the Women in Security and Resilience Alliance. It engages a network of females in security worldwide.

Today, she is an inspiring force for budding women entering the security domain. Bonnie is helping and guiding women in both physical and online security through her work. She mentions that one of the most significant challenges she faced in her career was switching to a security role after having a baby.

This domain was completely different from what she had studied earlier. However, she put in her best efforts and became a successful leader in this domain. Her mission-focused approach and friendly nature are what is most admirable.

  1. Tia Hopkins

Tia works at eSentire, Inc., where she is the VP of Global Solutions Architecture. eSentire provides Managed Detection and Response Services. Over the previous two decades, she has helped companies achieve cyber-resilience. She has done this by combining process, people, and technology.

She also works as an adjunct professor of cyber security at Yeshiva University. Tia aims to create a new generation of cybersecurity professionals from all backgrounds. In 2019, she was given the title of an outstanding educator by SC Media. She has also been featured on the list of the Top 100 Women in Cybersecurity by Cyber Defense Magazine.

The IFSEC Global also recognized her as the most prolific influencer in the category of security executives in 2021. Hopkins has also donned the hat of an author. She wrote a chapter for The Rise of Cyber Women: Volume 2 in 2021. Besides, she has founded Empow(H)er Cybersecurity. It’s a non-profit firm that encourages women of color to participate in the cybersecurity domain.

  1. Poornima DeBolle

Poornima DeBolle is the co-founder of Menlo Security. Her company provides solutions to eliminate malware and secure work for businesses globally. The client list of Menlo security includes some of the most demanding enterprises. Poornima is a trailblazer as she charted her journey to entrepreneurship in an area where men have an unfair advantage.

She navigated challenges initially but firmly believed in attaining success. She believes that it is crucial for men in the top positions to support women’s ability to rise ahead. DeBolle found herself quite alone in the male-dominated tech world. This was at the beginning of her career. But she was fully confident in her ability to progress.

At Menlo Security, she oversees the whole process. This includes identifying what should be built and customer’s pain points. It also includes the support afterward.

Wrapping up

Many women in the security realm have developed top-notch technologies and services. They have an immense knowledge of cyber security and are using it to make this world a better place. Their achievements are not only helping businesses strengthen security. They are also raising awareness among average people for the same.