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Top 5 Technology Trends to Drive Business Successfully 2018

Technology can be defined and could be defy as well, but none can fully comprehend the potential of these ten syllables. It has been phrased, Technology was never invented though it was discovered, many ages back; yet still technology trends never seems to disappoint with its surprise.

Let’s have an outlook on the technological trends which acquires the potential to single-handedly drive business growth.
AI; Fetching Ideas into Reality
Artificial intelligence—as per the name suggests, artificial intelligence is not a tool for carrying out the several processes, but an overall independent system. Even though, it’s at pre-developing stage, it has been predicted that it will be soon be reshaping business world.
Various enterprises are at early stage of adopting this technology trends for their business processes. A number of technology companies are offering APIs and frameworks which allow enterprises to create their own intelligent services as per their needs. Meanwhile, many solution providers are offering a direct install system to the enterprises in order to ease-up the encumbrance. AI has varied applications in a business but consumer-facing is to be considered more prominent. For example, a tech company has launched world’s first AI-based fraud detection system for grocery e-purchases.
AI utilizes machine learning as a key element to detect and resolve the error occurred in the system. Machine learning—helps an AI to analyse the problem and further acquire highly developed program which will provide the solution. This intelligent system is capable enough to deal with normal hindrances on its own, without any human integration. Yet, machine does needs a touch of human for proper functioning. Besides, a question might emerge in the minds of an individual that AI could be threat to man-power. But, not to confuse AI with primitive marketing automation as, it does require a human mediator to allow carrying processes.
An Absolute Solution for IT Management through Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is a provision of computing services, mainly including servers, storage, servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and much more. This way of computing allows businesses to access the data through cloud storages. The flexibility helps business to grow more efficiently without investing more in to data management systems. Over a period of time, enterprises are adapting this technology as it provides more benefits than the traditional way of IT management. Some of such benefits which have the capability to boost efficiency of enterprises are as follows:
Scalability: Fluctuations are widely common in business operation; but such scale-up and scale-down depends on various amenities. In order to sustain stability in business processing, it’s necessary to come up with new implications which will prove it to be a better choice. Compatibility plays a crucial role during such changes. Thus, instead of investing in expensive up-gradations it’s much better to adapt cloud computing.
Business Continuity: Securing data is as essential as managing it; the most important part of business continuity planning is securing and protecting threat. Storing data in clouds, give an enterprise a total access to restore it back in case of any crises or natural disaster.
Blockchain Is New Big Thing
Internet has revolutionized the information-world, completely. It has provided a platform for numerous tech hobbyists so that, they can create and make a difference. Internet might be the biggest discovery of the century, but soon that stature will be taken over by blockchains. Blockchains—the technology’s sole purpose was to carry out the financial transaction more efficiently. But, as the enterprises are realizing the potential of the technology, adaption rate of blockchain has been increased. Often, several enterprises are investing in this technology trend as a belief of getting more benefits in the future. Many pioneers also predicted that Blockchain might be the biggest breakthrough after internet.
 Security at Its Best
It’s really essential for a business to monitor over their data which up-linked on the internet. There will be always a threat residing in the deep web, which might be hungry enough to acquire enterprise data. Along with the data management, data protection also matters for the company’s growth. There are loads of cybersecurity providers which assure the prevention of data theft of the enterprise’s system. Cybersecurity benefits enterprises by denying spyware, preventing adware, and protecting productivity.
Internet of Things     
Over the past few years, the world has witnessed a drastic change of implementing IOT’s by various business processes. Slowly, the IOTs are shifting the computing towards the edge. IOT act as a pendulum, which swings between centralized and distributed computing. It brings out the compatibility in between data, insights and work process which further boons the enterprise to increase efficiency in the tasks. Latter, this leads in to more customer engagement.
With the every slippage of time, the competition between the enterprises is substantially increasing. In order to be in a game, it has become imminent for the enterprises to adapt such technological advancements. But, like every other technology trend, this list might also go through technological disruption. Hopefully, such technology trends overcome the saturation and be prove as a boom for enterprises.
– Bhushan Ghate

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