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Top 5 Exciting Gambling Jobs

The gambling industry is fast-paced, involves huge sums of money changing hands and is a very lively place to work. But what are the five most exciting roles you should be looking out for if you want to join in with the fun?
Here we take a look at some exciting gambling jobs that catch the eye and could provide you with a very unique and brilliant career.

1. Online Casino Live Dealer

The rise in online casinos has been huge over the past few decades, and there has been a side element of that which we have also seen the same from. This is live gaming, offered by casinos such as Pure casino and involves playing along with a live dealer.
We have seen a rise in the number of these jobs, so if you live near a studio then it is certainly a possibility. Your task is to play the game with clarity, spin the roulette wheel, deal cards and everything else to ensure online customers have a great time while playing.

2. On Course Bookmaker Assistant

Traditional betting takes place on a racecourse, this can be any type of racing. Bookmakers will accept wagers from those in attendance, and if you want to be in the heart of the action in terms of cash being exchanged, this is where you need to be.
There is a real buzz on course, and if you are heading to big meetings such as the Cheltenham Festival, that buzz and excitement will go off the scale.

3. Betting Exchange Trader

This is something you can do for yourself. The betting exchanges allow you to place bets and also accept them from others. Rather than actually betting, you can run this as a trading business, with the aim being to put yourself in positions where you are guaranteed a profit regardless of the event outcome.
Keeping up to date with business blogs will be key here, you need to pick up hints and tips for both the trading side of things and the business side of things.

4. Casino Croupier

Is there a livelier gambling environment than being on a casino table? These remain incredibly popular and are a great place to work. This job is the face to face equivalent of the online live dealer job we have already mentioned.
Here you get to feel the buzz and excitement from others on the table, and the atmosphere you are playing in, while the roles involve similar duties such as dealing cards and spinning roulette wheels.

5. Bookmaker Odds Compiler

Want to be at the heart of a betting company? This is where you will find the odds compilers. These people set lines, work out liabilities and ultimately determine the profit and loss for their bookmaker on individual events.
Quick decisions are needed, as is an incredible sporting knowledge and of course, you need to remain calm, as the business and its success will be resting upon the shoulders of people including yourself.