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Top 5 Business Startups That Are Reinventing Education

Business Startups That Are Reinventing Education

The advent of technology has served the interests of current generations, especially in the aspect of the industrial revolution. Many inventions are being created, thus altering the lives of individuals in their workplaces and social events. Technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics are on the rise. Regarding education, people have turned to the internet as a major resource for study materials. Top education startups are now instrumental in making the dream of many learners a reality.
As you join college, there is every possibility that you will encounter technology in many aspects. For example, you will need to take some lessons using the internet. Online platforms will also allow you to choose absolutely free business essays to guide you in your study. This means that the teacher does not have to come to the classroom physically to conduct a lesson. A student can pick some free essay examples to get an idea of what the subject contains.
The following is a list of startup businesses that are reshaping education through their high degrees of technology:

  1. OpenClassrooms

This is a platform that offers diploma certificates to learners. It is based in Paris, but it operates around Europe, empowering students with knowledge that is required in the job market. Once you enroll, you can pick some of the sought-after courses like digital project management and web development. It was launched in 2013, but by 2018, the platform had managed to garner a turnover of €51 million.

  1. Lingvist

This is another game-changer in the education sector, offering courses of various languages. You simply access it on the internet and click into the course language that you wish to study. It is quite fast due to the learning algorithms incorporated in this startup. As you study, the algorithms will help you to track the time required for particular classes. Its offices are based in Tallinn and London.

  1. Pi-Top

You will find this startup very interesting. Its primary focus is on the STEM subjects, which are science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The biggest advantage is that Pi-Top provides the content of all these subjects in an interdisciplinary manner. It is also accommodative of all ages, meaning children can use it to learn coding skills using products like laptops and drones. Programming students will find this startup very ideal in the combination of project-based learning and physical computing.

  1. Teacherly

The principle of this startup education company is anchored in technology as a powerful resource for learning. Teachers who are enthusiastic about improving their skills will find this platform very useful. Teacherly is quite vast, drawing upon a community of teachers to give them a stage where they can share professional content and knowledge about best practices in this career. For instance, teachers across the world can prepare lesson plans, share essay samples and brainstorm as a group. The startup also features several analytical tools that are essential in tracking the progress of learners.

  1. Zen Educate

This is one of the innovative education companies that came as a solution to the recruitment hustle where schools had to pay heavily to find a recruiter to link them to teachers. Schools were frustrated by the high commission charges by the intermediaries. Zen Educate was launched to provide answers to this problem. Essentially, the startup works by matching teachers with relevant schools that have vacancies. The teacher simply fills an online form, and Zen Educate works through the analytics to find an appropriate school.
Final Word
Generally, technology has proved to be a critical component in all aspects, but more specifically in the field of education. Initially, teachers and students had difficulties in finding the best strategies to complete their duties, but the introduction of the internet came in handy. All startups have unique solutions to each problem. They are a source of motivation for all stakeholders who contribute towards better conditions of learning.

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