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Top 5 best e-learning tools for productivity

E-learning tools are software applications or digital tools that can be used by anyone for creating or managing online learning content.

It’s a kind of Utility software or tool which helps us to learn or work online, share our ideas in a simple way and increase our overall productivity.

Some common types of e-learning tools are authoring tools, learning management systems, content management systems, etc.

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The advantage of creating and distributing content along with improving the learning experiences is the most appealing thing about e-learning tools.

The demand for e-learning tools has increased with the demand for e-learning or online learning.

As of now, there are various online learning platforms in the market and the fight is for providing more valuable and engaging content, and that’s done with the help of e-learning software and tools only.

Let’s know how e-learning tools can increase our productivity.

How e-learning tools Increase your productivity 

E-learning tools are developed by companies to provide us the administration environment where we can create and manage the courses, or programs.

This environment is made user-friendly so that it provides a positive experience and helps the creator to design or create the content they want.

E-learning tools help a creator in creating digital learning materials such as e-textbooks, e-workbooks, educational or tutorial videos, e-test, etc.

Without the use of e-learning tools, it is difficult for any creator for creating high-quality educational or learning content.

Udemy, Udacity, Simplilearn, or any other online learning platform uses some sort or type of e-learning tools for creating and distributing their content due to which only it’s become manageable for them to manage such huge resources or collection of programs and courses.

 List of the Top 5 e-learning tools for productivity

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular content management tools that is widely used by developers, bloggers, and content creators, all over the world.

Its cloud storage is the most liked part, you don’t need to save or track your files or folder locally.

Sharing large documents and files with your teammates, securing them from an unknown person, there are various features associated with it and that’s why it’s also used by everyone for increasing their productivity.

Assigning tasks to others, providing suggestions, or simply editing the previous work, the drive has made it easy for all.

Google drive is simply one of the best e-learning tools which are used by students and professionals to work more efficiently.

2. Trello

Trello is a kind of collaboration tool that helps you organize or manage your projects with a workspace based on boards. With free trello powerups, you can easily get the status of the process and the flow.

It has a very interactive interface and comes with various features due to which it is used by over 50 million users all over the world.

Kanban boards, task management, collaborating, agile workflows, integrations, are some of the popular features of the e-learning tool Trello.

Trello can increase the productivity of you and your team (if you are working in an organization) a lot. So you must check it out if you have never heard of it.

3. Easygenerator

Easygenerator is an e-learning tool that helps you to create and design courses that are up to date. Creating, designing, collaborating, and sharing e-learning content has become easy with the help of Easygenerator.

It has an inbuilt tracking engine that gives you insight into the learner’s performance. They provide personalized support so that you may not feel stuck at any place at any time.

Ease of use, personalized support, free hosting, and result tracking are some of the important features of this e-learning tool. Easygenerator tool is used and trusted by over 20,000 businesses all over the world.

Kasper Spiro who is the co-founder of Easygenerator calls it an employee-generated learning approach that helps professionals to create courses that are compatible with over 200 learning management systems.

4. Camtasia

Camtasia is a video editing and creating software that makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos across platforms. It is simple to learn and one can start making professional videos with it within a week.

Video tutorials, Software or Application demo videos, YouTube videos, Instructional videos, tutorial videos, meeting recordings, webinar recordings are some of the use cases where Camtasia works perfectly.

PowerPoint integration, animations, transition, iOS Capture, video table of content, removing a specific color, fixing audio fx are some of the common features of this e-learning tool.

Camtasia already has a million users and is also used by the top tech companies for increasing their productivity.

5. Elucidat

Elucidat is a popular online authoring platform having over 30 million learners all over the world. Elucidat is perfect for large organizations looking to create a valuable training program and courses.

Elucidate follows a people-centric approach due to which it’s scalable and sustainable. They have a dedicated team that will help you refine your digital content creating strategy and project-based coaching.

Branching, Styles, User Management, Learning Accelerator, Localized content, any device anywhere are some of the top features of this e-learning tool that helps the user to create quality e-learning content.

There are many other e-learning tools and software also available in the market and of course, each one of them is perfect for a specific task. Using a combination of e-learning tools will certainly help you achieve the required result in less time.

That’s it, make sure how you are working on your productivity.