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Top 5 best developers communities to follow in 2022

Software development is a profession that needs continual assistance and direction in today’s competitive environment. Several popular programming languages, paradigms, tools, and modules make it challenging for programmers to thrive without support or community links.

For the developer who enjoys programming as much as you do, consider the hundreds of other individuals who feel the same way and can’t imagine their lives without it.

Programmers depend on these networks to connect with colleagues and advisors who share the same industry-specific expertise, challenges, and achievements.

There are several developer communities in various regions of the globe, but this post focuses on the 5 best developer communities to follow in 2022 on the Internet.

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Best developer communities 2022

Here is a list of some of the best communities for software developers to follow on the Internet:

Devhubby is the only website that provides an automatic tutorial for beginner programmers. Here, users may submit queries to software that evaluates their code and provides next-step recommendations.

Developers design the website for developers. It’s a terrific method to get an expert developer to answer your queries without searching the web. In addition, users may post issues and get assistance from other developers in solving them. Moreover, Devhubby provides complete details and tutorials for learning Golang, courses in related fields (i.e., SQL from MySQL from Golang), and many more.

Additionally, the application may search through existing documentation and provide answers depending on the optimal solution any developer may have determined. In addition, developers that get stuck in an issue they are attempting to solve have several choices. This generates a learning and coding community that is difficult to find on other websites.


One of the most popular websites to host and share your code is GitHub, the world’s biggest programming community. GitHub is a venue for collaborative communication where over 65 million developers exchange ideas, ask questions, and help create projects. You may participate in relevant discussions and share your work with other users for discussion.

Additionally, it offers the GitHub Community Place, a forum where over 40 million programmers from all around the globe may come together to exchange ideas and assist one another.

GitHub has one of the highest user counts and is widely regarded as an influential forum community worldwide.

  • Organizations using GitHub – over three million
  • Repositories – 200+ million
  • 72 percent are Fortune 50

Stack Overflow

There aren’t many developers who aren’t already aware of the site, but for those who are, Stack Overflow is one of the essential online resources, both in terms of how much value its content provides and how many people use it regularly.

The Stack Exchange network includes several well-known websites, including Stack Overflow. As the name suggests, it’s an online question-and-answer community for programmers, where people post questions and answer each other’s answers afterward.

Programming lessons may also be learned by observing how other programmers tackle difficulties. In this forum, novice programmers may see the coding practices of more experienced programmers and learn from the errors made by their classmates. For novice programmers, this makes it an essential element of professional development.

  • Monthly visits over 100 Million
  • Enquiries received to date – 21+ Million
  • Developers received assistance 50,6+ billion times


Hashnode is a worldwide programming community. You may post current projects, opinions, questions, and ideas, as well as answer the inquiries of others. It is a public platform that facilitates communication with the worldwide development community.

Here, you may anonymously write technical blogs or actual development issues. These blogs are sent to all community members for visibility. Users who sign up may follow authors and categories such as “Java, Python, React, JavaScript, CSS,” etc.


FreeCodeCamp is a completely free platform for learning and practicing coding. FreeCodeCamp allows you to learn to code by completing simple projects and provides you with a certificate upon completion. More than 40,000 alumni have been hired by organizations such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Spotify.

FreeCodeCamp is a forum website where millions of developers from different countries exchange their views, ideas, difficulties, and mistakes to increase their knowledge.

Thousands of YouTube videos, articles, interactive coding tutorials, study groups, and online discussion forums aid learning.


We know that the Internet has linked the whole globe; thus, no one is too far away to exchange information. Developing websites and computer programs are made easier with the help of these online communities. Internet-based groups that assist in programming may be used to expand one’s programming expertise.

Websites like Devhubby are among the most professional and certified to help with your assignments, learning different C++ languages, and many more coding-related courses.

These are not just organizations; they are the family of individuals who value one other’s work, contribute to its development, and make the Internet a better place to study.