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Tips To Create Appealing Facebook Ads For Your Drop Shipping Business

Facebook ads have emerged as one of the highly sought after advertising mediums that can help you in reaching your ideal customer effortlessly.
Since Facebook ads are displayed to relevant users only, it greatly enhances the ROI from an advertisement standpoint.
Facebook ads not only save you a lot of time and effort but also helps you in getting your message to users that are most likely to convert.
If you are looking to create dropshipping video ads for your business, this post might clear a few things up for you.
Here are a few tips that can help you in creating highly appealing Facebook ads that drive conversions and ensure maximum ROI for your marketing investments. But first, it is also important understand the legal considerations of dropshipping with LegalVision before you start scaling your store.

Facebook Ads For Drop Shipping Business

Unlike in the past, today, it is extremely easy to create promo videos that can be used to promote your dropshipping business.
Moreover, with the advent of advanced video creation tools, almost anyone with a minimal skill set can create beautiful videos within minutes.
Videos have definitely emerged as a key component in marketing success, and we will analyze the approach that you must take to send out Facebook video ads for enhancing the prospects of your dropshipping business.

1. Finding already available video content for your product

Usually, there is already plenty of video content available for the product that you won’t sell.
These videos are usually created by the product manufacturers or YouTubers who have already created an appealing video for your product.
What you can do is scour the web for already published product videos for your product and stitch them together using a video editing platform.
You are free to use videos that are created by your suppliers as they are already pushing for more sales of their manufactured products.
Additionally, you can search YouTube for your product videos and take your cue from there. Most YouTubers would be more than happy to let you use the videos, either free of charge or for a small fee.
If you choose a product video from YouTube, it is suggested that you take permission from the respective creator as these videos are not created by the supplier. This ensures that you don’t run into any issues later.
Once you have settled down on a set of videos, you can collate and edit them together using a video editor.
Simply navigate to and upload the video collection, and VideoCreek will help you in creating a stunning Facebook ad within minutes.

2. Creating your videos for Facebook ads

This approach requires you to purchase the product and shoot your videos. It is perhaps one of the best ways to create tailored content and highlight the product’s advantages and disadvantages in your way.
Top drop shippers create their custom product videos that help them enjoy higher credibility among shoppers and boost the brand’s trust value.
You can control the footage creation process end-to-end, which allows greater creativity with authentic and high-quality footage.
You can even add a watermark for your brand, which prevents video theft and conveys your brand name to every viewer who watches your videos.
Since you created the videos, you own their usage and sharing rights. This provides you with a great competitive advantage over drop-shippers who don’t have custom videos.
But, this approach is not without its disadvantages. It is crucial that you have photography and videography skills and the required experience to create appealing footage.
Moreover, it also required professional-grade lighting and has a long creation time as every footage is shot from scratch.
This can also prove to be slightly expensive if you don’t own the required equipment and also requires you to possess the skills required for product videography.

3. Hire a video creation agency to create videos

If you don’t have the required expertise to create videos on your own or don’t want to invest in professional video creation equipment, you can always outsource your video creation to video creation agencies.
These videos are shot by professional video makers using studio-grade equipment.
If you want to get your videos created without any efforts, this can be one of the most hassle-free approaches that you can take.
Since these videos are made to order, they are 100% unique and personalized as per your requirements.
You just lay out the requirements for the video creation agency, and they take care of all the video creation aspects for you.
Opting for this route can prove to be expensive and requires a long video turn-around time. For beginning the video production, the product needs to reach the video agency, and then too, the final video might not meet your expectations.
If you don’t like the finally created video, you may have to spend more money to modify your video and not to mention the extra time that is required to modify to video.
If you don’t want to shoot product videos on your own and are reclusive to the idea of using stock product footage, this approach might just be the best for you.

Final Words

As might be clear by now that creating appealing Facebook ad videos is no rocket science and only requires one to be clear about their requirements.
In the highly competitive dropshipping market, it is important that you leverage every advantage that you can get and create amazing videos to drive your dropshipping business to success.
If you are looking to deploy Facebook ads for your dropshipping business, these video creation guidelines might prove to be immensely helpful for you.

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