Tips for Turning the Garage Into an Office

The events of 2020 have forced many professionals to start working from home. This shift in routine can be challenging, especially if space is limited and other people in the household are engaging in remote work and learning as well.
Homeowners who have a garage have an opportunity to create a home office in this multipurpose space. Here are some practical tips for turning the garage into an office.

Install Climate Control and Insulation

One of the first things to consider when setting up a workspace in the garage is the temperature. First and foremost, you’ll want to be comfortable while you work. Secondly, you want to protect any equipment (computers, printers, etc.) from extreme temperature fluctuations.
An older garage door is often the primary source of drafts in a garage. According to the garage door repair Houston experts at GDS, it’s sometimes possible to insulate the existing garage door, which can keep your renovation budget low.
You should also consider installing a mini-split in your work area to assist with climate control in the summer and winter months. A mini-split is an effective way to improve your comfort levels without breaking the bank or wasting energy.

Lay Out the Space

Consider how you’ll use this space once you set up your office. Are you converting the garage or setting up a nook-style office? Will you be parking your car in the garage or moving it outside while you work?
Once you’ve decided how you’ll use the space, create a floor plan that outlines where your office will be and how everything will fit in. There are various floor planning apps to help with this process.

Tidy and Organize

Consider what needs to be tidied and reorganized in your garage before you start adding to the chaos. Depending on how you use this part of your home, you might have quite the task ahead of you. Use optimized storage and organization options to help ensure everything has a place. Pegboards with hooks, tool stands, ceiling trundles, and tote shelves can transform your storage capacity and clear up floor space in your garage.
You’ll also want to give the room a deep clean after you move everything around. This is a necessary step for refreshing the room and making it more habitable.

Improve the Lighting and Electrical

Garage lighting tends to be lacking in terms of brightness or ambiance. If you have old, dim light bulbs, you’ll need something brighter to make the space more welcoming and comfortable. Conversely, if you have bright fluorescent overhead lights, you could end your workdays with a headache.
If your options are limited for improving the overhead lights, invest in a nice floor lamp and desk lamp for your working corner. If it’s in the budget, consider having an electrician wire in a wall light on a separate switch.
Another concern when creating an office in the garage is access to electrical outlets. Consider where these are located and how you can use power bars and extension cords to power your office. If it’s in the budget, consider having new outlets added.

Add Fresh Paint

Nothing transforms a room like a fresh coat of paint. Consider something bright and welcoming to enhance your workspace. When in doubt, choose some warm neutrals and use decor and lighting to bring the space to life.

Identify Challenges

Finally, identify the challenges you face when working from the garage. You may require a wifi signal booster to ensure you have internet access while you work. You’ll also want to check your cellular signal if you spend a lot of time on the phone for work. Once you’ve identified the challenges associated with working in the garage, make a plan to correct them.
Adding a home office in your garage is a great way to optimize your space. Also, it can help add value if you decide to sell your home. Take some time to plan out the project and set a budget for your garage remodel.

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