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TinkerLink: Bridging the Gap between Employers and Employees

TinkerLink is the first social marketplace where you can search, find and connect with trustworthy experts recommended by people you already know. In today’s economy, there are millions of people looking for a job! Most jobs are based on trust and confidence between employers and employees. There are millions of people looking for domestic help jobs like cleaners, drivers, gardener, and cooks: 7 million in America and 25 million in Latin America.
When hiring cleaners, drivers, gardeners, and cooks, employers look for a guarantee of trustworthiness in their potential employees, and complementarily, employees want to know that their employer is trustworthy.
With these ideas in mind, TinkerLink was born. It is the first social Marketplace app where you can search, find, and connect with trustworthy tinkers who are recommended by people you already know.
The aim of the app is to help users build a trustworthy network through which they can contact experts or potential clients with complete safety.
Independent workers, freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are just a few of the people who need a network like the one TinkerLink provides. Anyone who is looking for a trustworthy person to perform a service or anyone who wants to turn their hobbies into a source of income will find these solutions on TinkerLink’s app.
Out-of-the-box Solutions
TinkerLink use provide users the ability to search find and connect through a mobile application where people with total confident and security can share their interest, type of jobs and searches, TinkerLink use industry standard  and agile methods in order to develop cutting-edge technology to allow users to discover people in their own network, and the system algorithm to suggest what potential users might know each other based on preferences, geolocation, interest, and people they might already known.
Prime Mover of TinkerLink
Diana Daniels, CEO of TinkerLink, is one of the most involved, motivated, hard-working, and energetic people around. For many years Diana leads some of the largest telecom organizations providing telecommunication services and financial products directly to the multicultural markets in the United States. And in the major markets in Latin America. With a profile like that, there is no doubt that she has the capability to deal with and overcome any problem that might come up at work. Her solid experience, in dealing with the day to day user problems, her superb knowledge of the product, user, and the industry, and her personality help her to deal with everyday issues. Her analytical view and her perfectionist side help her to improve the product and any problem it may encounter. Her constant desire to improve, foster success, and provide a quality product that will help people find a job are key in the resolution of conflicts.
Diana believes that hard work and constant improvement through learning and experience are two of the most important steps in making a better product. Listening to the customers is also vital in product improvement. Participating in world-class events such as the MWC18, or the Websummit, is a good way to get feedback about how the product is doing, and team TinkerLink was fortunate to be able to learn from their experience in such events, but as well, about receiving feedback directly from their more than 50k active users in the Mexican market.
Vision and Core Values of TinkerLink
The most important goal for TinkerLink is helping people find a job; this is priceless. Apart from that, TinkerLink is looking to increase its downloads and engagement and expand the number of tinkers and clients. TinkerLink also wants to expand their market presence to the US/Hispanic markets, continue to grow in Mexico, and explore their options in the Asian market.
“We highly encourage people to find a good paying job and want to help entrepreneurs. We have broken the mold surrounding the traditional ways of finding jobs. We are bringing word of mouth to the online world. We help people to create their own business opportunities. If you are a tinker, why not work on your own, at your own pace, and become your own boss?” asserts Diana.
Journey to Success
When Diana and her team thought of the concept of TinkerLink, one of the biggest issues they had was to find the right talent, so they start reaching out to people they used to work in the past and getting referrals until today they have a fantastic team that helped them get there. The second big issue was to release the product to the market, people didn’t know about TinkerLink, so they had something of an uphill battle when it came to expressing the concept of trust as the essence of their brand. It was also a challenge to start adding tinkers to the app and clients to use it to find a tinker to do a specific service. But with hard work, competent workers and data analysis, these were solved. This is how team TinkerLink managed to grow the app.
Future Roadmap of TinkerLink
TinkerLink’s goal is to keep growing and increasing client satisfaction by focusing on the trust in the service and the quality of the product. In order to achieve this, they surround themselves with quality motivated and competent workers who help them to stay on top of the latest industry trends and keep learning and improving every day.