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Tillpoint: A Complete and Revolutionary POS Offering

When InsightsSuccess was looking for an innovative and complete POS package, we did not have look further than Tillpoint Enterprise Ltd. We realized that you, as a businessperson, can run your entire business through Tillpoint. It is the first truly complete cloud-based EPOS & Business Management System for businesses within the retail, hospitality and service industries.
The system contains over 20 specialized modules, each to manage a certain aspect of business operation, including point of sale, inventory and stock management, accounting, staff, customer loyalty, and sales reporting. All modules are fully accessible in every plan, with no restrictions on features or functionality. People no longer need to use, integrate, and pay for, multiple pieces of business software, as Tillpoint contains everything you need to run your business, sole trader to enterprise-level, making it inherently scalable and future-proof.
Milestones worth Remembering
Tillpoint is a next-generation piece of business software that covers every aspect of business operation through a system of interconnected modules, all working together as one complete solution. its customers have access to all modules in every subscription plan, meaning there’s never a need to purchase additional software as your business grows, everything you need is already there. All page layouts are similar throughout the app, with a very sleek user-interface that was designed for intuitive usability.
The biggest milestones achieved, according to the CEO, thus far would be:

  • Releasing Tillpoint after such a long and painstaking period of research, design and development.
  • Effectively managing the rapidly growing number of both domestic and international multi-store clients who now use Tillpoint. The original plan was to begin by slowly releasing Tillpoint to the UK market only, with a focus on independent SMEs. Due to such overwhelming demand for Tillpoint, which is incredibly encouraging and rewarding for the company, it released the app worldwide.
  • The software has generated highly positive feedback along with the customer service.

The Complete Solution
With a team of three founders we decided to embark on an extremely challenging journey of researching, designing and developing an application that would usually require dozens of employees. They were planning to build an application that was scalable, feature-rich, and modular, in order to meet the requirements of small and large businesses within three different industries – retail, hospitality and services.
The founders had to think ahead and consider every variable, including usability, design, programming, scalability, practicality, pricing, and the system’s ability to problem solve, just to name a few. Another challenge was to ensure a smooth cash flow issue that almost all startups face. The founders managed to handle every situation by working hard, remaining positive and persevering to reach their goal.
The Pillar of Success
Tillpoint’s Co-founder & CEO, Ahmed Ameen, has been the foundation and backbone of the business, bringing highly relevant educational experience due to a background in Information Technology and a master’s degree in Business Administration, coupled with extensive and diverse experience working in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and IT industries. His contributions include business planning and market research, most notably in discovering solutions to issues faced by management within the retail, hospitality and service sectors. He also plays a large role in the user design process, guiding and leading the team, and contributing to the funding of the company.
Disruptive Technology
Tillpoint’s vision seeks to disrupt traditional business functions by providing the first complete mobile cloud-based software platform, revolutionizing management operation, and to enhance and increase efficiency in customer engagement and experience. The company aims to help businesses adopt modern technology and methods in order to keep up with rapidly changing consumer behavior and expectations.
At the moment it is working on a few new modules, and developing a webbased version of Tillpoint, allowing it to run cross-platform, meaning on any device with a web-browser, which will seamlessly tie in with the current iOS version of the system.
In the near future, Tillpoint is likely to become one of the most popular complete cloud-based business management systems with EPOS and ecommerce capabilities, helping businesses of all shapes and sizes better organize and improve their operational efficiency, and to enhance customer engagement and experience.
A Unique EPOS System
Many of the current and widespread pieces of business software are single-purpose, only performing one function. People are required to install multiple pieces of software, each to handle a different aspect of business operation, whether that be accounting, inventory management, point of sale, or purchase ordering. This is highly inconvenient for business owners as they need to take time to learn how to use each of these systems and then teach them to their staff. And in order for data to be automatically reconciled between these systems you would need to integrate – a practice which is notoriously unreliable.
Tillpoint is a complete system which can run every facet of business activity, and which requires no software integration, all from the comfort of an iPad. Not only is Tillpoint more reliable in terms of data security, it’s also cost-effective, as you limit the expense of business software to one outlay, instead of several.
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